Contour Makeup Kit Price in Bangladesh

Contour is the key to makeup. Contour is to cover some parts of the face and highlight some parts. For example, to show the nose a little sharp, apply dark shade concealer on both sides of the nose, and lengthen the top with light shade concealer. In addition to concealer, you can contour and highlight with shimmer powder.

You need to know which part of the face will be highlighted. The T zone of the face is the highlighted zone for everyone. That is the forehead, nose, the lower part of eyes, and chin. Apply concealer on both sides of the nose and forehead. This will make it easier to highlight Tijon. And one more thing, contour means just two shades of makeup, but not that. The combination of the makeup of these two shades is also important. The real beauty of the contour can be found by blending the two shades well and applying compact powder on it.

Reasons For Applying Contour

To Reduce The Width Of The Forehead

The foreheads of many are quite wide. In that case, the width of the upper part of the forehead and the color of the skin on both sides can be reduced with a darker concealer or foundation.

To Show Heavy Jaw Pressed

If someone’s jaw is heavy, they can contour from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the jaw with a dark foundation or concealer. In this case, with the help of a good brush, you can turn a brown face highlighter on the lower part of the jaw.

To Reduce Facial Expressions

For those whose lower part of the face is already very thin, if they mix a shade darker foundation than the color of the skin from the side of the ear to near the lips, then the lower part of the face will not look so narrow anymore.

To Show Narrow A Wide Nose

A line should be drawn along the nose from the middle two parts of the eyebrow pair to the bottom of the nose, excluding the middle part. Then it should be mixed well on both sides of the nose. Then gently apply white or pearl tone matte powder on the middle part of the nose. 

To Hide Heavy Cheeks

For those who are very heavy on both sides of the cheeks, draw a line along the corner of the ear with concealer or dark foundation just before the part of the lips. Now it should be matched with the upper part of the face. Light brown matte blush can then be used.

If The Upper Part Of The Face Is Narrow

For those whose cheeks are slightly pressed, they can simply apply a brown blush from the lower part of the eye to the cheek line and then use a blush of any color that suits the skin color.

Effectiveness Of Contouring

For a Warm Fresh Face

If your skin color is green, avoid powder-based products. Instead, use a couple of shades of darker liquid matte foundation than skin color. You will get the effect of bronzer.

How To Do

Apply the liquid foundation on both sides of the forehead, under the nose and under the chin. This will make the face look longer. Now apply blush in the shape of an inverted triangle on the cheek.

Apply bronzer of matching shade on the upper corner of the cheek. At the very end, apply a little illuminator on the top of the nose, in the groove of the upper lip and between the chin.


For A Light Radiant Face

There is no excess of makeup in this look, but tinted products can be chosen instead of bronzer or highlighter.

How To Do

Create a base with a tinted moisturizer that matches the skin color. Now apply one or two shades lighter than the skin color on the high point of the face i.e. on the nose, in the middle of the forehead, and just above the cheekbones. The face will look bright. To contour the face, take a foundation two shades darker than the skin color and apply along the hairline and jawline to make the face look defined. Apply a medium shade of foundation on the cheeks, on both sides of the nose and on the chin. Blend all the shades nicely.


For Fresh and Bright Face

The rule of defining by applying bronzer on the soft part of the cheek is very common. Use two different shades of blush to bring a fresh glow to the cheeks. Using a cream-based blush will be easier to blend, will get a dewy soft look.

How To Do

Apply yellow blush on the soft part of the cheeks. Now apply blush of caramel or one shade dark pink shade on the top of the chick bone. Blend the hairline and the lower part of the cheeks with a few shades darker foundation than the skin color, so that the face looks longer. In the end, apply a pink shimmery liquid highlighter on the nose, chin, and cheeks. The face will look radiant.

Steps For Doing Contour 

After washing your face, apply moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer step by step. Take one shade of brightly colored foundation to highlight. Then mix one shade of light-colored foundation well with your skin color foundation. Apply this mixture lightly just above, in the middle, and just below your two eyebrows.

Then apply in the middle corner of the eye, along the middle under the eyes, between the upper lip and the chin, just above the cheekbones, above the jaw. Blend all the places well. If you use a cream foundation, you can also blend by hand. When you see that the mixture has been mixed with the foundation already applied on the face, you don’t have to blend anymore.


To do contour, take one shade of dark-colored foundation and apply it on the forehead, on both sides, and just below the cheeks. Blend well. Then apply finishing powder and apply bronzer or blush in the middle of the cheeks. For a dramatic look, a lighter has to be applied after applying bronzer.

Contouring and highlighting are not too difficult. The easiest way to remember is to highlight the upper part of the cheekbones, then the bronzer and then the contour. These should be applied step by step according to the shape of the face.

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