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Eye Makeup Price in Bangladesh

Eye Makeup Price in Bangladesh

Eye Makeup Price in Bangladesh

Beautiful eye makeup can change the whole look. It is good for makeup lovers to know about different eye makeup styles. If you try different styles on different occasions instead of repeating the monotonous look, it will look as trendy as the look. The main challenge is to be able to make eye makeup beautiful and perfect.

Perfect Eye Makeup

In the case of eye makeup, one must first understand the shape of the eyes and the proportions with the face. In other words, if the eyes are big on the face, then the makeup will be different, if the eyes are small, the makeup will be different.

Experts think that the work will be completed only if you can do the makeup with a little understanding. There will be a detailed discussion about eye makeup, but let me say before, regular eye care is important along with makeup. This requires adequate sleep, proper diet, and a beauty routine every day.

There are many types of eye makeup. Smoky Eyes, Nude Makeup, Colored Eyes, Metallic Eyes, etc. Eyes small or large, any type of eye makeup is possible.

Big Eye Makeup

Big eyes look very beautiful in elaborate eye makeup. However, it should be kept in mind that the shape of the eyes should be tied to the imaginary point with the help of eyeshadow while drawing the eyes. Because if the eyeshadow floats, the eyes will spread more.

If your eyes are big, that is, they look a little out, then keep the eyelid makeup dark. If you want to do light makeup, apply a little thicker liner. If you want to make smoky out with big eyes, choose charcoal shade instead of dark black. It will look good. 

Small Eye Makeup

For those whose eyes are relatively small, apply Kajal narrowly from the inner corner of the lower eyelid to the outer corner and lightly massage the inside. But do not apply thick kajal on the upper or lower part of the eye, it will make the eyes look smaller. Instead, apply a little flow of eye shadow and extend it to the outside of the eye.

It will look good. Color pencils can be used instead of eyeshadows for small eyes. However, choose a light color. Because the reflection is more in light colors. As a result, the eyes look relatively large. However, it is best to give a smoky look by applying kajal on the eyes.

Finally, apply a little translucent shimmer on the outward stroke under the eyebrows. The eyes will look bigger than before.

Removing Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Price in Bangladesh

Eye Makeup Price in Bangladesh

Before going to the wedding house or party, it is a must to do face makeup, lipstick on the lips, and eye makeup. However, no one thinks of putting on makeup after returning home from the ceremony tired.

But no matter how tired you are, you should never sleep without removing makeup from your face. Then the skin may be damaged. If you go to sleep with makeup on your face, wrinkles will fall on your face very quickly. No matter how expensive the makeup is, you have to clean it using the best eye makeup remover while sleeping

Glitter is provided in many eye shadows. So if you don’t clean it before you go home and go to sleep, you can get an infection on your eyes, it can make your eyes red. Then it will not be possible to cover that infection with any makeup.

Many people think that mascara is applied on the eyelids. So sleeping with mascara will not harm the eyes. But many times if you rub it in your sleep, this mascara can get into your eyes. It can also cause eye infections.

If you rush to remove eye makeup, the soft skin around the eyes will be damaged. Apply it around the eyes and face with eye makeup remover and keep it for a couple of minutes. The eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara coating will soften and loosen, the result will be easy to remove. If you do not have a makeup remover, you can apply coconut oil or olive oil. Gently wipe off all makeup with a cotton pad.

It is not uncommon for kajal or liner to stick to the corners of the eyes. So we have to pay special attention to this part. If you have waterproof eye makeup, wipe the eyelids and eyelids by soaking cotton in olive oil. Never try to pull dry mascara by hand. The eyelids can be fallen off.

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