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The first cosmetic that girls use to beautify themselves is the eyeliner. In fact, the eyes can enhance our beauty a few times, so our first responsibility is to make the pair of eyes beautiful.

Below are some common look done with the eyeliner-

Classic Look

This look can be obtained by applying eyeliner on the upper eyelids. This look will enhance your beauty several times.

Trace Look

For those who can’t apply liquid eyeliner well, this method can come in handy. At first, draw the outer line with an eye pencil. Then apply liquid eyeliner. Doing so will no longer have the potential to ruin the makeup.

Tight Line Look

When eyeliner is applied to the upper and lower waterlines of the eyes and there is a touch of mascara on the eyelids, that look is called a tight line. This method can be used to make eyelash beautiful.

Wing Look

With the help of a spoon or a credit card, you can make a small wing out of the side of the eye. In this case, these fins made with eyeliner will make your eyes more beautiful. By the way, the liquid eyeliner is a little difficult to use. So be a little careful before applying it to the eyes. Otherwise, the makeup can be ruined.

Smoky Eye Look

A black kajal pencil is needed for this look. Apply the kajal well on the eyelids. After that, the eyeliner is needed to be applied on the eyelids.

Nude Eye Liner

To make the eyes more vibrant, the nude eyeliner look can fulfill the desire. When you do a little makeup, you can take the help of this method and it will give a good result.

To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Here are some simple eyeliner tricks that will make the small eyes look bigger when applied.

Take An Eyeliner That Defines The Lashline

You need to choose the right eyeliner based on your skin tone. For those whose skin tone is lighter, the black liner maybe a little heavy, in which case they can use a medium brown or any shade of blue. It can be applied with the help of a smudge brush. This will make your eye makeup eye-catching. However, those whose skin tone is a little darker, they can also use a rich brown or black liner, this will compliment your skin tone and make your eyes look brighter.

Apply White or Flash-toned Eyeliner on The Eye Waterline

Applying a thick black eyeliner enhances the shape of your eyes. But if you want to make your eyes look bigger then apply white or nude eyeliner on the waterline of your eyes. This will make your eye makeup look much bigger as you open your eye makeup. Many people do not like to use white eyeliner, in which case you must apply flesh-toned liner.

Draw The Wing To a Correct Point

Many people love to wear wings nowadays. It means drawing the eyeliner at the end of the eye where it ends, curved like a bird’s wing. However, even if you don’t draw the wing, if you come to a point at the corner of the eye and finish drawing the eyeliner, it is very important that that point is correct. Because it depends on the size of your eyes. For example, if you do not wear the liner under the eye, do not pull the liner out of the outer corner of the eye. Finish the eyeliner wing where it joins an invisible straight line along the end of your water line and between the ends of the eyebrows. This will create a cat-eye look, which will make your eyes look very beautiful and big. But if you draw more or less liner at this point, your eyes will look buddy tired.

Draw A Liner That is Narrow In The Corner Of The Eye And Thick On The Outside

If you draw the liner evenly from the corner of the eye to the outside, it will only give a deeper look to your eyes, but if you draw the liner from the corner of the eye to the outside of the eye, your eyes will look very big. This type of look can be easily created with liquid liner, but you can also create it easily with gel or pencil liner if you want.

Draw The Eyeliner A Little Away From The Corner Of The Eye

If you want to apply dark or black eyeliner on the eyes, never wear Kajal from the corner of the eye, draw the liner from a little distance from the corner of the eye. This will make your eyes look much bigger and will feel enchanted. However, apply shimmery-base eye shadow or eyeliner in the corner of the eye. The bigger your eyes look, the brighter they will look. You can also apply it under the lash line under the eyes to make the eye makeup bolder.

Some Special Tips

Make a smoky eye when applying eye shadow, you can apply light shadow on the eyelid by applying dark shadow on the outer part of the eye. The eyelids highlight but the eyes look bigger. Apply concealer on the eyelid, the eyes will look much bigger. If the lower part of your eye is swollen, use a good quality serum or eye gel to reduce that swelling.

Lastly, do not forget to apply mascara.

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