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Hair Straightener Machine Price Online in Bangladesh 

Every woman likes to style her hair in different ways, that is why hair iron, blow dryer, curler etc. are her constant companions. All of these products are used to style hair in a variety of ways, adding dimensions to one another.

hair styler machine in bd

hair styler machine in bd

Some Hair Styling Products and Rules of Its Use

Both boys and girls now use a variety of styling products and tools for hairstyles. The use of all these tools requires extreme caution because having hair on one’s head is also very important for a person.

Heat Resistant Spray or Serum: 

Some resistors should be used before using hair iron or blow dryer. The use of heat-resistant hair sprays or serums creates a layer of hair protection and protects the hair from damage. All these preventive uses add shine to the hair. As well as helping to maintain good hair health.

Do Not Iron Again and Again in The Same Place: 

We are accustomed to using straighteners repeatedly in the same part of the hair. But it damages the hair. So, to avoid hair loss, take a little patience and iron your hair at once.

Damaged Hair Care: 

It is normal for hair to be damaged due to the use of various cosmetics and tools. So you need to take care of your hair regularly. It is beneficial to do a hair spa once a month and use a hair mask every week. This makes the hair healthy and wholesome.

Homemade Hair Mask: 

Use homemade hair masks to fix and nourish your hair. Herbal ingredients are very effective in hair growth. You can use eggs, honey, aloe vera, coconut milk, amla juice, vinegar, onion juice, aloe vera juice, banana, hibiscus flowers and even curry leaves to make a hair mask. 


Which ingredients do you need depending on your hair type. Banana and honey are great for dry hair. For oily hair you can use aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. A mixture of eggs and yogurt works best for normal hair. Onion juice Sulfur is a great ingredient and it works in hair growth.

Tools That Can Control The Temperature: 

The use of hair tools can often cause hair to burn. Iron and blow dryers are now available in the market at affordable prices. However, it may not always be good for the hair. So increase the budget a bit and buy an iron that has ceramic plates. It is also better to use iron and other tools that control the temperature. Which does not cause any disruption in hair styling.

Drying Hair in The Air: 

You can style your hair with a simple braid or braid without the use of any thermal equipment. And try drying hair naturally instead of using thermal tools.

Hair Styling Tools 

For hairstyles, both boys and girls nowadays use different types of products including dryers, hair gels, mousses, blow-dyes, hair sprays, hair straightener machine etc. These products require some rules and care before and after use. Occasionally there are different styling products that can be used on special occasions. But regular use can cause hair loss. So you should be very careful in using these hair styling tools.

Hair Gel, Mousse or Hair Spray

Hair gel, mousse or spray is used to set the hair. All these hair care products are very effective for hair styling. However, when it is used, air cannot flow inside the hair. As a result, the scalp gets sweaty easily and the hair follicles become weak. There is even a risk of infection by various infectious germs, including fungi, on the scalp. 


In addition, these products are quite sticky, so the outside dust and dirt easily sticks to the hair. So using these products for a long time can cause hair loss. The hair should be cleaned as soon as possible after returning home from outside.

Hair Supplements For Hair Care 

Hair supplements are not the only quick solution to speed up hair growth. But if you start taking supplements, you will see hair improvement in a few weeks or months. Hair supplements must be used to keep the hair styling. Biotin is a popular hair supplement. Beta-sitosterol is a plant and seed-based substance, which helps in faster growth of hair. However, before using hair supplements, you must consult a doctor.

Heat Protector Cream for Hair Styling

Coarse hair breakage, weakened hair follicles and even premature baldness can occur. Before using these, one has to look at the hair type and the condition of the scalp. It is better to shampoo your hair before styling. Do not blow-dye or iron on wet hair. 


First dry the hair in the cool air of the fan. Then use heat protector cream. Using heat protector cream is beneficial in hair styling. You can then iron the hair after using the heat protector cream.

Healthy Diet for Hair Beauty Styling


No matter how many hair supplements you take, if you don’t pay attention to your diet, you won’t get any results. It doesn’t matter what product you use to strengthen your hair. Rather it will depend on what you are eating. You need to try to increase your protein intake with fish, eggs, peas, nuts and whole grains.


There are benefits to eating healthy foods for the body as well as hair care. If you are not a meat eater, you should keep an eye on your high protein diet. In addition to high protein foods, minerals such as vitamins A, C and E, zinc and iron, and omega-3 fatty acids contribute to healthy hair.