3W Clinic Crystal White Milky Cream

  • Brand: 3W Clinic
  • 50gm

795.00৳  1,250.00৳ 

3W Clinic Crystal White Milky Cream Price in Bangladesh

  • Whitening quickly effective but completely safe for the skin, not white. Essences in the cream penetrate gradually through the skin to stimulate metabolism, repel melanin for naturally brighter skin.
  • The product gives you a healthy, smooth skin thanks to the benign ingredients in the cream. Effectively repels freckles and freckles
  • Slow down the aging process. Return youthful age to the skin.
  • Cream as a BB layer to help make up the skin to become bright white, flawless beauty.
  • The cream penetrates quickly, does not stink, does not float when it meets the water.
  • Mild, pleasant fragrance.
  • In addition, the cream can also be used as a makeup primer. For busy girls who have little time to make up, Crystal White cream is very useful, just 1 minute a day, you will quickly have beautiful, smooth skin, both whitening and makeup foundation.


How to Use 3W Clinic Crystal White Milky Cream:

Take an appropriate amount, apply evenly on face. Use 2 times / day morning and night.

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