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3W Clinic Vitamin Sheet Mask

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  • Brand: 3W Clinic
  • 25ml

3W Clinic Vitamin Sheet Mask Price in Bangladesh

Vitamins and various plant ingredients make dull and rough skin soft and transparent, and increase moisture moisturizing power to make the skin moist and elastic.

  • Lactobacillus/bean fermented extract: improved moisturizing power, excellent skin penetration
  • Portulaca extract: skin soothing effect, providing excellent moisturizing power
  • Golden Extract: Provides melanin pigment suppression effect and trouble suppression effect
  • Plantain extract: Blocks free radicals and suppresses skin troubles
  • Persimmon tree leaf extract: refreshing, vitalizing, conditioning care
  • White willow bark extract: keratin care, skin moisturizing, soothing effect
  • Sugar elm bark extract: smooth skin care, clear skin tone care