A’PIEU Deep Clean Cleansing Oil

  • Brand: A’PIEU
  • 160ml

860৳  1,250৳ 

A’PIEU Deep Clean Cleansing Oil Price in Bangladesh

Hydrophilic soda-based oil contains soda, jojoba oil and other beneficial ingredients. The tool is intended for delicate makeup removal. The oil easily copes with the removal of waterproof makeup and dense BB creams, penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, eliminating daily contaminants and excess sebum, making the face smooth, fresh and impeccably clean. The product has not only a cleansing, but also a care effect: it accelerates the regeneration and cell renewal processes, normalizes the water-fat balance, narrows the pores, preventing their re-contamination and inflammation, moisturizes and nourishes epidermal tissues.

How to use A’PIEU Deep Clean Cleansing Oil:

  • Apply moderate amount with dry hands and spread all over face like massaging.
  • Sweep gently like pressing lightly with tissue.
  • Rinse with warm water and foam cleanser.