Aroma Magic serum anti acne

  • Brand: Aroma Magic
  • 30gm

1,350৳  1,650৳ 

Aroma Magic serum anti acne Price in Bangladesh

100% free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, alcohol, toxic ingredients, artificial colouring and fragrance. Powered by the blend of essential oils of cypress and tea tree, I am enriched with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. I help to reduce and treat acne flare ups, dry up acne and constrict open pores. Orange blossom, rosemary infused water along with extracts of mangosteen and tocopherol in my formulation helps to maintain natural PH balance and oil levels thus ensuring your skin is calm, soothed and blemish free.

  • Reduces & treats acne
  • Constricts open pores
  • Maintains natural pH balance & oil levels
  • Soothes skin

How TO Use Aroma Magic serum anti acne:

  • Use preferably at night.