Dove Orginal Moisturing Cream Alcohol

  • Brand: Dove
  • 40ml

350.00৳  550.00৳ 

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Dove Orginal Moisturing Cream Alcohol Price in Bangladesh

  • Gives up to 48-hour antiperspirant protection.
  • Helps delicate underarm skin recover from irritation caused by shaving.
  • Delicate scent keeps you feeling clean.
  • Glides onto skin and feels smooth.
  • Contains ¼ moisturising cream for beautifully soft and smooth underarms.


Do you often find that there are things you keep returning to? Maybe it’s a favourite pair of shoes or a classic dress you can’t seem to part with. There are just some things that never get old. Well Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick is just like that. Clean, simple, no fuss.

It has that clean signature scent that keeps you feeling fresh all day, ¼ moisturising cream to help give you soft and smooth underarm skin, and our powerful antiperspirant deodorant formula that gives you up to 48 hours of protection against underarm wetness. What’s more, it helps underarm skin to recover from the irritation that regular shaving can cause.

Just like your favourite pair of shoes or that classic dress, Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick does all it needs to do without any fuss.