Hanasui serum vitamin C & E

  • Weight: 20ml
  • Made inIndonesia
  • Ideal for Unisex

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Innovative Serum to make skin glow beautiful and increase its vitality. Formulated with SKIN CARE VITAMIN C SERUM ACTIVE INGREDIETS VITAMIN C & E to brighten and restore healthy skin’s natural sheen and soften your facial skin.

* The benefits of this Vitamin Serum include:

1. Anti-oxidant on the skin / Anti-Aging effect, prevent free radicals (Substances that can damage skin cells, can cause the death of newly formed cells and also cause premature aging) that comes from dust, smoke and sunlight so that aging on the skin can be slowed .

2. Collagen stimulant / anti-wrinkle effect, reduce wrinkles on the skin of the face and reduce eye bags (if regular and continuous use can reduce wrinkles and eye bags on the face).

3. Whitening / Lightening effect, brightens the skin so that the face looks whiter and radiant and not bleak.

4. Eliminating the Black Circles in the Eyes

* How to use :

1. Clean facial skin to the neckline.

2. Drop 3 – 4 drops of serum on the palm of the hand then apply on the face evenly, let stand a few minutes to soak into the skin.

3. For the best results, use it every day before using other cosmetics in the morning and evening.

4. Store in a cool, dry place.

* Composition:

1. Tocophenol Asete (Vit E)

2. Carbomer

3. Aqua DM

4. Ascorbie (Vit C) Sodium Metabisulphite Ethoxydiglicol

5. Methyldibromo Glotaronitril

6. Disodium EDTA

7. Phenoxyethanol

net weight: 20ml

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