Idol Slim Coffee for Weight Loss

  • Manufactured by: UNOZAWA Company (Korea)
  • PK Nature Products Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
  • Net weight: 150g
  • 15g x 10 Sachets


580৳  990৳ 

Idol Slim Coffee Price in Bangladesh

Buy Idol Slim Coffee weight loss diet drink slimming 10 sachet online in Bangladesh from apsarah.com. The idol slim coffee fast power takes instant diet weight loss extract with natural 10 sachets. Good quality coffee delicious taste. Extract with natural benefits. Contains l-carnitine, collagen, extracts from white.

Key benefits of Idol Slim Coffee BD

  • No nervous effect
  • Helps to inhibit the accumulation of fat, strengthen the muscle mass to tighten the skin
  • White, healthy, safe, no harm, no side effects. Results within 7 days
  • Good shape, fit, say goodbye As you are new The shape is good forever
  • Sugar Free, L-carnitine, Collagen
  • White Bean Extract, low fat
  • Use Crucarlose as a sweetener instead of sugar
  • Like Slim Coffee Coffee weight loss formula for the drug
  • Like Slim Apple Juice Weight Loss Apples (thin + white)
  • Like Slim Kiwi Melon Juice Lose Weight Skiin Melanie
  • Like Slim Yogurt Weight Loss Yogurt Strawberry smell


How to Use Idol Slim Coffee

  • Mix with hot water and take 1 packet before the first meal 30 minutes