Kemei KM6831 Cool and Hot Foldable Electric Hair Dryer for Women

Now you can get salon-like hair styling at your home, using this Silky Shine hair dryer from Kemei. Equipped with ionic conditioning technology, this hair dryer also ensures that your hair is taken care of during the styling process. This Kemei Professional Hair Dryer (1600W) is an electro-mechanical device designed to blow cool or hot air over damp hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair.

Blow dryers allow bettering control of the shape and style of hair, by accelerating and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand. These hydrogen bonds are very powerful (allowing for stronger hair shaping than even the sulfur bonds formed by permanent waving products), but are temporary and extremely vulnerable to humidity. They disappear with a single washing of the hair.

750৳  1,850৳ 

Kemei KM6831 Cool and Hot Foldable Electric Hair Dryer for Women Price in Bangladesh

  • Product: Hair Dryer for women
  • Model: KM 6831 (2 in 1 hot and Cool)
  • Brand: Kemei (Brand Name: KEMEY for model: KM6833, KM6831, KM6830). It’s also from Kemei company. Please check the website and barcode and QR if you have any confusion)
  • Double overheat protection, Cool and Hot 2-way system
  • Quick-drying shape, Mini for folding
  • Color: White, Material: ABS, Power: 50 / 60Hz
  • Voltage: 220V, Power: 1800W, Switch: push switch
  • Plug Specifications: European regulations
  • Size: 22 * 25cm
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