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Legano Professional Hair Treatment

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Legano Professional Hair Treatment

  • Brand: Legano
  • Type:Professional Hair Treatment
  • Net Weight: 200g
  • Made In Japan
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Legano Professional Hair Treatment Price in Bangladesh

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Benefits Of Legano Professional Hair Treatment:

  • Recover dried hair and split end.
  • Reduce hair fall, scalp itchy.
  • Revitalize hair soften and silky.
  • A natural therapy, which makes hair straight in a natural way.
  • Long lasting fragrance.

How To Use Legano Professional Hair Treatment:

  • 1st Method : Hot oil massage ➡ shampoo ➡ use Legano for 25-30mnt ➡ wash with normal water.
  • 2nd Method: Hot oil massage ➡use Legano for 30mnt ➡Shampoo & wash with normal water.
  • If you use legano today, it will reusable after 10 days later.