QIAN LI Powerful Whitening freckle spots melasma care cream

  • Weight: 20g
  • Made in PRC
  • Ideal for Unisex

Product Name: Powerful effects freckle Cream
The main raw materials:
Pearl, pollen, Baiji, almonds, white tuber, ginseng.
Weight: 20g
This product is made from natural biological essence extracted from the high-tech , with pearl powder based raw materials , into France are the first generation of nucleic acid molecules NDA, PDA cell activating factor , with short freckle whitening, remove acne particularly strong effect long-term use can regulate skin cell regeneration and repair capability , eliminating the incentive to produce melanin , the effective prevention of various types of stains regeneration , reaching the skin smooth and delicate, soft white , panacea efficacy
Efficacy: This product has a freckle , wrinkle removal, for the elimination of melasma , freckles, age spots and other spots, there are special effects , young people face acne ( acne ) also had a significant effect .
maintain a high-quality gene cosmetic technology, exclusive use of serum proteins, biochemical aldol acids, and other biological formulations, and more sustained release microcapsules nano technology to protect active genes, improving traditional skincare cream matrix gene activity can not be effectively survival factor
faster whitening effect, without any side effects


First with cleanser After cleansing , then the goods will be applied to clear parts of Indian spot and gently massage for 1-2 minutes , morning and evening, preferably at bedtime , do not use other cosmetics during use .pigmentation, dark skin 10 days of continuous use, freckles, melasma and other continuous use 20 days

Note:Use of this product will be redness, itching, or a sense of tension , which is a normal reaction blood of plaques, one week after the disappearance , if severe disable days, treated with dexamethasone , oral allergy medication . Sensitive skin , please do a skin test .
not suitable for sensitive skin.

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