Real Cica 92% Cool Calming Soothing Gel

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Some By Mi Aha Bha Pha Real Cica 92% Cool Calming Soothing Gel

  • Surprisingly fast Calming effect of 92 % of CICA
  • AHA · BHA · PHA REAL CICA 92 % COOL CALMING SOOTHING GEL 300ml [ Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle Dual Functions ]
  • COOL the skin
  • Powerful emergency calming care
  • ✔️92 % of Centella Asiatica Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Water, Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil → Calm the skin irritation through naturally sourced ingredients
  • ✔️AHA · BHA · PHA → Skin texture care through removing sebum, impurities and dead skin cells
  • ✔️3 layers of hyaluronic acid → One by one forming 3 layers, three layered moisture recharge
  • 💙Apply a powerful emergency calming gel on skin full of concerns due to the irritation from external causes! Calming ∙ moisturizing ingredients of the Cool Calming Gel gently calm down extremely sensitive skin.
  • Ethical ingredients:
  • ❌No Artificial dyes
  • ❌No Artificial fragrances
  • Instead of using artificial dyes ∙ artificial fragrances, it is infused with the ethically sourced ingredients from the nature to lessen your worry about skin irritations.
  • Heated skin!
  • Cool it down!Use Real Cica 92 % Cool Calming Soothing Gel after storing it in the fridge. Gel with lowered temperature cools and comforts the heated skin.
  • A lightweight, non-sticky texture that absorbs as soon as touches skin
  • A skin that easily feels stuffy with heavy texture.
  • It provides skin with a good feeling by replenishing it with a lightweight, refreshing hydration.
  • Simply push and use whenever you need
  • EASY Pumping Soothing Gel
  • REAL CICA 92 % COOL CALMING SOOTHING GEL in a pump bottle, can be used safely without having to worry about hygiene.
  • One in your room, one in your office, put it on any place you can reach and use whenever you feel the irritation on your skin!
  • Multi-use Charming calming gel
  • FACE
  • Hydrating Moisture Cream → Use as a daily moisture cream that provides skin with hydration everyday. Moisturizing all night → Use as a sleeping pack by applying a thick layer of it on face before go to bed.
  • Eye Cool Care → Use it as a simple cool care by applying it on a cotton and put it on the eyes on busy morning.
  • Cool Skin Calming → Use as a calming pack that soothes down an angry skin from external stress.
  • BODY
  • Soften the hair → Use as hair moisturizing pack that provides moisture on a damaged hair.
  • Moisturize the entire body → Use as a body gel, rich in moisture that you spread gently over the body after taking shower

How To Use Cica 92 cool calming soothing gel:

  • Apply an appropriate amount and gently spread on face and body and pat to fully absorb.