Snail White Gluta Collagen Soap

  • Made in Thailand
  • Origin Barcode: 8855858882439

350৳  650৳ 

Snail White Gluta Collagen Soap Price in Bangladesh

  • Helps soften and moisturize skin️.
  • Reduce acne, wrinkles, freckles and dark spots.️
  • Prevent dull skin problems️.
  • Nourish skin and increase skin clarity️.
  • Inhibit melasma to prevent rough skin or heat from sunlight (UV) which regularly.
  • slows the deterioration of skin cells️.
  • Helps in revealing radiant skin.
  • The mixture of Glutathione and Snail secretion and selected vitamins that will promote skin nourishing, whitening, reduce acne and dark spots, and whitens the skin.
  • You can see the result as you use it on a regular basis.