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Tomato blink Whitening Serum

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  • Weight: 50g
  • Made inThailand
  • Ideal for Unisex
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Tomato Blink Serum 50g.

Anti Aging Firming Brightening Whitening Natural Extract 100% Plus Cucumber Aloe Vera Skin Care 3 in 1.

Vitamin E helps to nourish. Tomato Tomato blink serum Brinks Serum Gel Skin Body Lotion tomatoes 2 IN 1.

Tomato blink Serum Gel Skin tomatoes.

100% natural extracts reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin surface- the dull, dark spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and wounds.

Extracts from the tomatoes, cucumber, aloe vera, vitamin-rich. Skin and help keep skin smooth and healthy skin look younger. Features Tomato blink Serum

Resolves an issue due to dull skin. For a smooth, radiant skin.

Help relieve inflammation of the skin. Causes of Acne Keep coming back to life

Help solve the problem of skin from blemishes. Or broken skin dryness. A healthy natural environment

Improves the condition of the pores of the face to tighten the skin and wrinkles on the face.

Ingredients Tomato Blink Serum

Tomatoes: Skin elasticity to the skin even more clear.

Cucumber: repair dry skin burnt by the sun.

Aloe: Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. And heal the wounds caused by acne.

There are also Q10 and Vitamin E to nourish.


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