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Valarie End White Body Cream

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  • Brand: Valarie
  • Type: End White Body Cream
  • Net Weight : 250gm
  • Made In Thailand
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Valarie End White Body Cream Price in Bangladesh

Valarie End White skin cream safely. Creamy texture, easy to apply, fast absorption, fragrance, nourish skin, brighten skin, smooth.

Benefits Of Valarie End White Body Cream:

  • White skin is almost 100% guaranteed due to gluten weight 2 and collagen.
  • Milk protein moisturizes the skin by creating moisture in the skin.
  • Very comfortable body cream for those who can dry skin.
  • Vitamin C can remove dead cells by making your skin glow
  • Sunburn can solve this skin problem.
  • Vitamin E creates glowing and clear skin and looks youthful.

How To Use Valarie End White Body Cream:

Apply regularly after shower, morning-evening. Continuously see definite results