Bio oil Specialist Skin care Oil

Bio oil for Skin Care Price in Bangladesh (BD)

Bio oil is known as specialist skin care oil. It is award wining skin care oil and a solution of many skin problems. It is clinically and dermatologically tested non greasy oil for skin damage treatment. Besides It is also known as very good moisturizer from normal skin to dry skin. It is only specially developed for skin healing from various problems. It contains multiple vitamin that is very essential for healthy skin.

How To use it

Improve Scars appearance

If you suffer from serious scar on your skin, Bio oil may be your ideal item for disappearing scar. It is a proven oil to reduce scar. It is 99% effective to reduce scar appearance. A research in Germany has been proven that after eight week use of Bio oil, It helped to reduce scar up to 92%. It helps to reduce both old and new scar.

Stretch marks removal

Stretch marks are common in a human life cycle. Many people get experiences of stretch marks in Their life. It is very common and normal. For many reasons stretch marks may grow in your skin. Some of them are pregnancy, teenage growth spurts and rapid  weight loose. Bio oil is very effective to reduce stretch mark. It is used by the woman for pregnancy stretch mark removal over 20 years.

Even skin tone

Many people have uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone may be in the form of pigmentation marks, blemishes, and patches of color on the skin. It may be temporary or permanent. For many reasons, your skin may be uneven. Some causes are sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, skin lighteners, age and medication.Bio oil will help to even  your uneven skin tone.

Anti aging

We often notice in the mirror that our face looks aged and dull. There are lots of causes are responsible for this reasons. some of them are natural cause like age growth, lack of enough sleep and others are human created which is not taking care of your skin. Bio oil is a proven item that prevents premature ageing by fixing sagging and wrinkled skin. It provides smoother and better skin. It works for booth face and body.

Hydrate skin

Are you suffer from dehydrated Skin There are lots of reasons for dehydrated skin. They are weather, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water. too hot showers, not taking shower regularly and more. Bio oil helps to hydrate you dehydrated skin.

Moisturize your skin

No one wants dry skin. But it happens in some point of life. You may also suffer from the dry skin. Using bio oil, you can solve this problem. Bio oil will provide you a moisturized and healthy skin to you.

Sun treatment

It soothes you sun burn skin. If your skin is damaged by sun, You can use bio oil.

Bath oil

You can also use it as a bath oil. It will give you a mild experience of bathing.

Does Bio oil darken your skin

The answer is no. It does not contain any skin color changing chemical and no power to change your skin color. But if you use bio oil and your skin get sun exposure, your skin may be darken. So, if you go out of home, use sunscreen or umbrella.

Can i use it on my face

Yes, You can use it. it is safe for face. But It may not be suited for someone. They may have allergic reaction. So, If you notice any allergic effects, Stop it using immediately. You may guess two or tree use of it.

Can I use bio oil for hair

Yes, you can use bio oil for treatment of dry hair and brittle ends.