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Everyone wants beautiful and soft skin. But in many ways, the skin is damaged every day. The natural beauty of the skin becomes dirty due to the sun, dust, and other things. There are some simple ways to keep the face smooth and healthy. A little care A little awareness is needed to keep the skin healthy. There are several simple ways to keep skin healthy.

The skin is usually dry, oily, mixed, normal, and sensitive – these are the five types. Each skin needs different care. Again, skin problems are different for all ages. For example, those who are younger, that is, teenagers, their skin is a little oily. Problems like acne, white rash occur on oily skin. The type of skin problem also starts to change with age. Problems such as skin asymmetry, black spots under the eyes, double chin, wrinkles appear as symptoms of different ages. So you have to understand the age, nature of the skin, and the problem then you have to fix the skin practice routine.

Skin Care For The Age 15 to 25

Usually, young people do not have any skin problems. Problems gradually arise when age begins to increase a little. Acne mainly affects the skin of teenagers. It is more common in adolescence. For this, the skin should be washed several times a day with a splash of clean water. This will reduce the effect of oil on the skin, the skin will be clean. Get rid of acne. In addition, one day a week to take special care. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Soak lentils and rice and grind well. Mix sandalwood powder, Multani soil, orange peel powder in the paste and mix well. You can also mix two teaspoons of milk in this mixture. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it well. Regular use will eliminate acne. Cleansing-toning-moisturizing these three steps must be followed every time you clean your skin.


Naturally, the skin of this age group is smooth and toned. Just keeping them clean makes their skincare easier. Body sweating is normal when one is going outside. Care should be taken to keep the sweat dry and not stick to the face. If you sweat, you have to wash your face after drying your sweat quickly. Face wash at least four to five times a day. It is better to clean the skin with a homemade face pack and scrubber instead of face wash bought in the market. Regularly clean the face as well as the hands and feet and apply moisturizer lotion twice a day. Hair should also be kept clean and tidy regularly. Shampoo should be used once or twice at a time. After shampooing, you must wash your hair with a good conditioner. In this case, also it is better to use a home conditioner. You can soak fenugreek overnight and wash your hair with this water in the morning. It works as a good condition.

Skin Care For The Age 25 to 35

For those who are in their early twenties or early thirties, their skin is naturally a little oily. So most of the girls suffer from acne and dull skin problems at this time. If you have acne, you will get better results if you use products containing retinoic acid. To remove the dullness of the skin, make a mixture of cucumber, lemon juice, white sandalwood, glycerin, honey, and rose water and apply it on the skin. You can safely use packs mixed with egg white, honey, and cedar vinegar to keep the skin tight. As soon as you hear about anti-aging, don’t jump and start thinking about bleach, steam facial, or any chemical treatment; Instead, do yoga and exercise. Eat healthy food. If the skin is oily or acne-free, use an oil-free face wash, mild scrub, toner and sunscreen with a matte finish. 


These aged people need to go outside more. As a result, the effect of sun, rain, and climate change is more on their skin. Beauty specialist Sharmin Kochi said that one should be a little careful while walking outside as much as possible at this time. For example, using an umbrella in the sun, it is important to apply sunblock on the skin before going out.

After returning from the sun, you have to give a lot of cold water to your eyes. Potatoes are very useful to get rid of sunburn. Blend the potatoes and apply on the face. This will remove the dark feeling and reduce the burning sensation of the skin due to burns.

Skin Care For The Age After 35

Fine lines and dark circles under the eyes usually appear from this age. According to most cosmetologists, under-ice cream with niacinamide and Q10 enzyme should be applied after 30. And from the age of forty, you have to put under ice cream in your list of daily use products. Use peptide-containing ice cream every night. You can massage it by mixing butter with rosemary oil or almond oil. You can massage it by mixing butter with rosemary oil or almond oil. This will give new life to the skin and return the radiance. You can also use sesame oil, olive oil, and fruit extracts like peaches or apples.

Skin Care At The Age of 50 

If you step in the fifties, there is a risk of worsening of the forehead and hormonal imbalance. This time the skin looks lifeless. The skin’s metabolism system is weakened. The impression of age on the skin is clear. The number of dead skin cells increases. In most cases, the skin peels off at this age. It is possible to reduce skin problems by following some rules. Need proper food list, regular skin, and body care. Colorful vegetables, fruits should be eaten more and more. You have to eat more fish instead of meat. 


As before, the skin should be kept clean regularly. Follow a cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine. Apply sunscreen when you go out with it. At this time you should choose a cream or serum rich in antioxidants. To maintain the moisture of the skin, moisturizer should be made a daily companion day and night. Moisturizer mast on the exposed part of the skin three times a day. Attention should be paid to hand and foot care.

Some Important Tips

  • Must use a very good quality moisturizer and make sure that the moisturizer has more water solution before buying. The lighter the moisturizer, the better.
  • Mix one to two drops of lavender or tea tree oil with moisturizer and use it, the skin will be quite good.
  • Without cleaning the soap with facewash, toning and moisturizing one shouldn’t sleep. This process helps to ensure the good health of the skin. 
  • After eating any kind of fruit, keeping some of the fruits in the face is a good practice. The natural extract of the fruit will help to keep the skin healthy. It will also maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

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