Best Compact Powder Price in Bangladesh 

More or less compact powder is available to all women who love makeup. The compact powder is also known as pressed Powder. It is a semi-solid state of setting powder.

The key ingredients of compact powder are waxes and silicones. Compact powder helps to set the foundation and also adds a light texture over the skin-tone. The compact powder adapts to any skin type regardless of skin type.

If the skin looks dull or unfresh then compact powder may be the best solution. Complete coverage of makeup from the very beginning, from oily skin to dry skin – this compact powder can be used in all cases.

Compact Powder According To Skin Type

For Sensitive Skin

The mineral-based powder will be best for sensitive skin as it does not have extra fragrance, side effects, and preservatives. Another option is to choose Comedogenic-free and Acnegenic-free powder which is good for sensitive skin. Whether the skin is dry or oily, always try to choose a skin-friendly compact powder according to the sensitivity of the skin.

For Dry Skin

No matte finish can be tried on the skin with compact powder. This will make the skin drier. No cream-based compact should be used. This will give the skin a healthy look.

Start the makeup by massaging the moisturizer on the skin before starting the makeup. Let it sit a bit, then use the compact powder. It will keep the skin hydrated and smooth and protect it from getting dry. To make the skin look natural, just apply the foundation not more than two to three times.

Do not apply this powder on areas of the face that become dry easily, such as around the cheeks and nose. It is a good choice to use a highlighter or mineral-based compact powder to make the skin glow.

For Oily Skin

Oil Control Compact Powder works as a very good foundation for the skin. It absorbs excess oil from the skin and gives the skin an oil-free look instantly. It helps to reduce the oiliness of the skin and make it look brighter. You need to use a primer before starting the makeup.

It also regulates skin oil. Use a makeup brush or sponge to set the compact powder evenly on the face well. Extra quotes have to be applied in T-zone. Rub a cube of ice before applying the compact powder on the face. It shrinks the pores of the skin and helps the powder to set well.

Selecting The Perfect Compact Powder

  • Know your skin type and coverage level before buying a compact powder.
  • If your skin is a little lighter shade then you can choose a shade of pink undertone or 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. And if your skin is a bit deep, you can choose a shade of yellow or orange undertone that will match your skin.
  • Select the perfect shade of compact powder. Not just looking at the brand, always choose a compact powder shade that matches your skin.
  • Always try to use the product on your face. And also a patch test is necessary.
  • The coverage level of each compact powder is different. You can use translucent powder with a compact powder to get a good finish. It helps to get a good finish.

The Powders That Are Also Available at The Same Time With Compact Powder Are-

HD Powder

It is also a kind of finishing powder. But a little lightweight. Small and large screen makeup artists use this powder for eye definition.

Loose Powder

Loose powder is usually neat. It is so light that it fades away when you blow it with your hand. This powder is also easy to apply on the face. However loose powder is not long-lasting.

Blot Powder

This powder is used to absorb excess oil from the skin. This powder is used only in T-zone without applying it all over the face.

Translucent Powder

This powder is suitable for use on all skin types. If you use liquid foundation, applying this powder on it increases the brightness.

Finishing Touch Powder

This powder is used to give a finishing touch after facial makeup is done. This powder mast on the skin of models or divers. Because the effect of the camera flash is good. However, you have to apply this powder very carefully. A little planting becomes a lot more.

Setting Powder

Its other name is classing powder. Its job is to set facial makeup. This powder is to be applied after applying the foundation. This powder absorbs the excess moisturizer of the foundation.

Some Useful Tips

  • Sponges are better than brushes for compact applications.
  • If you have dry skin, just apply T-zone and if you have oily skin, apply compact all over your face.
  •  For those who have small eyes, apply light powder on the eyelids and apply mascara on it before applying mascara. The eyelids will look bigger and thicker.
  • Understand skin tone and buy compact powder. Otherwise, if you buy a lighter compact just to show off, the face will be fat in a short time. Because it is compact but dry, it makes the skin dry. So compact mast in the shade near your skin tone at all times.
  • Even before applying the cream eyeshadow, if you base it with a little powder, the eye makeup will not look shiny.
  • You can take it on the skin before waxing. The powder will absorb excess moisture from the skin. As a result, waxing can be done easily, without any pain.


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