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Whether the nails are painted with nail polish, red coloured henna or colorless nails, the health of the nails is the main issue. Nails will look beautiful only when they are healthy. Because, health is the main condition of beauty. No matter the age, you have to take care of your nails all the time. Nails can be affected for many reasons, so awareness is needed.

Beautiful Nails With Attractive Hands

Hands play a very important role in the beauty of girls. Nails are an important part of the hand. So, beautiful nails with attractive hands attract more. However, many people suffer from the problem of cracked and broken nails. If you want beautiful nails then follow some healthy  rules and use good quality natural nail care products.

All The Nail Care Products

Just as you need a colorful nail polish for the beauty of your nails, you can apply nail hardener before using nail polish for nail care. In addition, all the nail care products are: Transparent Nail, Nail Polish, Best Coat, Crystal Nail File, Nail Remover, Nail Care Kit, Natural Essential Oil, Pedicure Soak, Almond Hand & Nail Cream, Color Nail Polish & Strengthener, EXTRA STRONG Finger & Toenail Fungus Treatment product etc. 

Nail Care According to The Type of Nails

Before taking care of your nails, understand the type of your nails. There are five common types of nails – dry, brittle, damaged, soft and normal. Ordinary nail care is relatively easy. There is also a need for nail care. Remember, nails are part of the skin. It is composed by Preston. Proper care is also needed to keep nails beautiful. Use a very fine nail buffer for nail care.

Something About Nail Nutrition

Most nail problems are caused by a lack of nutrients, say nutritionists. Nails need protein, calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B-12 and other elements. In the absence of any of them, the nails become brown or gray, in the absence of any of them, white spots appear on the nails, and in the absence of any of them, the nails become brittle or damaged.

What We Need to Do to Nourish Our Nails

If the nails are healthy, it can be arranged in any way. Include milk or milk products in the diet every day to nourish the nails. You can practice drinking milk every night. Vegetables and fruits cannot be left out. Oranges, mangoes and other pickled fruits are good for nails. Fish, meat, pulses, eggs and nuts must be eaten. Do not cut nails with teeth. Use gloves for household chores. If you use socks, it should be made of cotton.

Nail Polish Should be Used Based on Some Points

Use good quality nail polish. If the nail polish rises a little, it is better to remove it completely without leaving it. Those whose nails are a little longer will look beautiful if they cut their nails into squares. Again, those whose nails are a little smaller, they will look better if they cut their nails in U or V shape.


It is not necessary to apply nail polish on normal nails. If you apply nail polish on normal nails, you can remove it after a week and do not apply nail polish again for one or two nights. 


When to use any color nail polish, decide on the basis of your own tastes and preferences. Also pay attention to the type of clothing. For example, if you wear a sari, you can try to bring the tones of the sari in the nail polish, this work will not take more than 10 minutes.

All Types of Nail Care and Guidance

The esthetician says that the type of nails varies from person to person. Someone’s nails may be too soft, bend or wrinkle easily when caught; Someone’s nails are very fragile in nature, while someone’s nails are normal. All types of nails need care.


Nail polish gives some protection if the nails are brittle or soft. In addition, you can apply nail hardener before using nail polish. Some nail polishes have hardeners. If the nails are thin, you can rub the nails with a clove of garlic which will strengthen the nails.


Those whose nails are a little brittle, they can sleep at night by applying Vaseline on their nails. This will keep the nails healthy. Even if they apply nail polish during the day, they should remove the nail polish at night and apply Vaseline on the nails. 


It is very effective in avoiding the problem of breaking the corners of the nails. Remember one thing that, it is not right to keep raw henna on your hands for a long time. Do manicure and pedicure for 15 consecutive days.

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