4k plus Goji Berry Red Cream

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  • Capacity: 20 gm
  • Made in Thailand

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Share with Your 20 Friends and Get 5% Extra Discount

4k plus Goji Berry Cream Price in Bangladesh

  • Natural appearance by making up to 5 sheds.
  • Reduces the appearance of the age.
  • Removes any skin spots.
  • Skin moisturizing.
  • Dark Circle Removal.
  • Tighten the skin.
  • Remove acne and acne scars.

4K Plus Whitening Night Cream Night Cream Goji Berry▪️Goji Berry 4k Plus Whitening Night Cream with Nano-Liposome Goji Berry particles helps brighten the skin naturally and the snow lotus extract is used to treat acne, pus and reduce scars from acne. .▪️With Alpha Arbutin and Collagen helps to reduce melanin pigment, freckles look brighter, tightens pores, helps skin smooth and moisturizes. Ginseng extract helps make skin healthier by protecting the skin from free radicals.▪️All the useful ingredients in Goji Berry’s 4K Plus Whitening Night Cream can do wonders such as brightening and cleansing the skin within a week.▪️Directions for use: Apply this cream every night before going to bed. You should see good results in a week.

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