4kq Whitening Night Cream Price in Bangladesh

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4kq Whitening Night Cream Price in Bangladesh

Product Description:

  • Product Type: Cream
  • 4KQ plus whitening night cream.
  • Made in Thailand
  • 4kQ plus whitening cream (20g)
  • Here is a cream that joins the skin in one day
  • Lots of soft and glowing.
  • It is much faster and more effective than normal 4k

1) Naturally lightens the complexion. Too much.
2) Reduces the appearance of age.
3) Removes mesta.
4) Removes any spots on the skin.
5) Brings skin moisturizing.
6) Removes dark circles.
6) Tightens the skin
6) Removes acne and acne scars.
1) Extremely smooth cream that penetrates the skin easily.
10) Acne, secretion reduces acne and removes tight pores
By the way, extremely effective for the skin.
Significant changes in the skin after 1 week of use
Will come


  • Your skin first before going to bed at night
  • Cleanse then use the face cream.

4kq whitening night cream side effects

  • No side Effect


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