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Aike Carotenoid Whitening Cream

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  • Brand: AIKE
  • Type:  Carotenoid Whitening Cream
  • Net Weight : 35gm
  • Made In USA

Aike Carotenoid Whitening Cream Price in Bangladesh

Buy Aike Carotenoid Whitening Cream is an anti-oxidant whitening ingredient made with natural carotenoid that can effectively strengthen the collagen fiber structure of the skin. This cream has many benefits for tired or aging skin, it reduces the appearance of itching, reduces the appearance of sunspots and makes dry skin tolerable, Ailke Carotenoid Whitening Cream can also act as a primary moisturizer for normal skin.

Benefits Of Aike Carotenoid Whitening Cream:

  • This will do the job of whitening.
  • Anti-wrinkle will work.
  • Will work as anti-oxidant.
  • Effectively strengthens the collagen fiber structure of the skin.
  • It contains Proteoglycan, which enhances the deep vitality of the skin.
  • Increases skin elasticity.

Ingredents Of Aike Carotenoid Whitening Cream :

      • Carotenoid
      • Nicotinamide
      • Vitamin A
      • Vitamin E
      • Glycerin
    • Hydrolyzed Collagen

How To Use Aike Carotenoid Whitening Cream :

  • After wash the face, apply day cream on face or affected area in the morning
  • Apply night cream on face in the evening
  • 7-10 days to see the effects