Jiaoli Miraculous day and night Cream

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Jiaoli Miraculous day and night Cream Price in Bangladesh

Product Details of Jiaoli Miraculous day and night Cream

This product is a new generation cream products in one body with the nutritional benefits, both beneficial and skin, skin whitening benefits, wrinkle, moisturizing of the advantages, but also to overcome the easy rebound, slow shortcoming of this product is pure Chinese medicine focus on the unique formula effect on the modern high-tech biological, medical technology, and can quickly penetrate the coating, the aging of the skin cells and waste release surface, blocking pigment production, so that color fade, the skin back to life.

Ingredients: Arbutin, ginseng, angelica, Baiji, white tuber, Ganoderma lucidum, aloe vera, pollen, Pearl, Placenta, etc.
Efficacy: freckle, wrinkle, whitening, to acne, while quick to add water nutrients, moisture, moisture, sun’s tender skin effect, make the skin soft and smooth. Make you the confidence to step perfect skin.

1. pack built skin lightening cream products, nutritional benefits and a whitening cream hypoallergenic skin cream!
2, clean skin twice daily and rub the plot of a freckle cream, a week later, during the day and start using nutrients beneficial skin cream at night to clean skin lightening cream.
White Harmonie Cream:
This product contains a unique anti-inflammatory allergy ingredients, a variety of skin problems caused by allergy skin disease has played a very effective anti-inflammatory effect and can effectively protect the skin tissue, and the other in this product contains natural whitening moisturizing factor, can effectively eliminate the angle and aging skin melanin layer, add water, the skin delicate and fair complexion.
Note: Pregnant women who do not use.