Lanxi 7 Days Whitening Cream

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Lanxi 7 Days Whitening Cream Price in Bangladesh

Lanxi 7days whitening cream Intensive and effective treatment for all types of pigmentation, freckles and brown spots.

Lanxi cream 7days whitening cream Skin whitening regenerates new cells to keep skin youthful.

Skin protective function to prevent the formation of pigmentation in the future.

Lanxi cream 7days whitening cream Repel signs of aging, improve skin texture, dislodge hidden spots deep inside

Ingredients: Lanxi Cream 7days whitening cream

Royal Jelly: Contains vitamins B1, B2, Niacin, B5 pantothenic acid, B6, Biotin, Folic acid, B12, A, C, D, and E, … to help dissolve pigmentation, freckles, age spots, whiten skin. brighter.

Pearl: Similar to royal jelly, pearls have 81% calcium, 15% protein and other nutrients that are good for the skin.

Aloe vera: In aloe vera contains 12 vitamins that are anti-oxidants, skin regeneration, and moisturizing for the skin.

Lanxi 7days whitening cream is used to restore, quickly regenerate young skin, create smoothness for the skin, grow red blood cells, help whiten and youthful skin, cure muscle cells and skin damaged by acne , protect from acne. Forming new cells to gradually erase melasma, age spots freckles. Regenerates skin structure, prevents wrinkles, anti-aging, creates Vitamin D to nourish the skin and balance moisture …

Lanxi 7days whitening cream is soft and cold, dissolves quickly, penetrates deep into the skin, so the treatment has very fast results for all kinds of perennial melasma, new melasma.

Recover damaged skin … Anti-aging, skin regeneration, blurring of pigmentation, freckles, increasing new cell growth, rough, dry, moldy black skin is also cleared after 1 week of use. (do not eat in the sun)

Lanxi cream 7days whitening cream Removes dark pigmentation, freckles. Prevents bruises on the face and neck area.

Especially in the cream contains many special treatment substances to restore the skin quickly. Helps the skin become bright, white and smooth with high-quality ingredients from Japan B


  • Wash your face, dry with a cloth before going to bed.
  • Apply a small amount just enough on the skin, spiraling from the inside out for better penetration of the cream.
  • Use 1 time at night (special cream for melasma, freckles).