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OYUMEA white leaf Premium eyebrow Razor

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  • Brand: OYUMEA
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OYUMEA white leaf Premium eyebrow Razor Price In Bangladesh

The use of tweezers to trim eyebrows is often very time-consuming, while the use of razor blades or regular blades is very easy to damage the shape of the eyebrows. Meanwhile, a dedicated eyebrow razor will be an effective tool to help you trim your eyebrows quickly and effectively. The design of a small knife tip, fits your hand, giving you the flexibility to manipulate. Easily scrape the eyebrow mold you like Not as dangerous or scratching the skin as you would with a razor. Stainless steel blades – 2 blade design, can change, remove the blade from the body. Fit in a personal makeup bag, very convenient to carry. With criteria to bring the best experience to users. OYUMEA is always creative and finding the best solutions to bring customers effective and friendly beauty products by applying scientific research and selecting sources of natural materials. Therefore, OYUMEA has been loved by many customers.