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  • Pink Lady SECRET Soap Natural Herbal Solution to Tight Vagina
  • Vaginal Discharge – Odor Reduction-Fit&Firm Sex
  • Kill bacteria and anti-inflammation.
  • PRODUCT FROM Thailand
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Made In Thiland

*আপনার সিক্রেট জায়গার কালো দাগ দূর হবে।
*সিক্রেট জায়গা ফর্সা করবে।
*দুর্গন্ধ মুক্ত করবে ও টাইট করবে।
*এটি এন্টিব্যাকটেরিয়াল এর কাজ করবে।
*এটি সম্পূর্ণ প্রাক্রিতিক উপাদানে তৈরি
*কোন পার্শ্বপ্রতিক্রিয়া নেই।

প্রতিদিন গোসলের সময় আপনার সিক্রেট জায়গায় এই সাবানটি ১ - ২ মিনিট মাসাজ করুন।

Benefits of pink Lady Secret Soap:

  • * The black spots in your secret place will be removed.
  • * Secret will tear up the place.
  • * Eliminates odor and tightens.
  • * It will work for antibacterial.
  • * It is made entirely of natural ingredients
  • * No side effects.

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Pink Lady Secret Soap Details:

Cleansing vaginal and nourish ovary and uterus. Repair the vaginal cell and enhance the vaginal activity for women. Soap bar natural cleanser vaginal 100% herbal, No side effect Formula vaginal tightening and relief vaginal odor is an ordinary problem among female. Vaginal odor can be really embarrassing Therefore, it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible. Ingredients: 100% pure herbal extracts without chemicals or harmful substances.

Made from Thai herb Repairs grass. Pueraria white, Ginseng thousand years, Tanaka,Wan Nang Kham, Honey wild Asiatic extract, Vitamin E, Sodium Stearate, Sodium hydroxide,Coconut oil,Stearic acid, Etc, **Barbed grass extract (Centotheca Lappacea Extract) The grass known in Thai as Ya Hee Yoom, or “Ya Repair”(literally the grass that repairs) barbed grass has long been used in Thailand to treat women post-labor, as it is believed to help heal wounds and tears on the labia, and help to tighten the respective muscles.


**How to use Pink Lady Secret Soap: Gently apply to the feminine area and rinse off completely Use every day 2 times then rinse with water or left 3-5 minutes daily to use regularly, Continuous use for 1-2 weeks to feel tighten. It is recommended to use Pink Lady SECRET Soap every day to enjoy its tightening effects and maintaining vaginal. Its package is pink so you know this soap best quality for women only.


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