Best Makeup Sponges and Applicators Price in Bangladesh

If the foundation does not match with the skin during make-up, it does not look good at all. So make-up kit needs to have a beauty blender. It is very important to have a beauty blender at hand while doing make-up. This beauty applicator is very effective to blend with the skin with the help of this blender after applying the foundation. Otherwise, the makeup remains incomplete.

Just as it is important to buy a good quality product from a good brand that matches the skin for a good make-up, it is also important to understand the need to buy the tools of the essential make-up application and know about its proper use. The make-up sponge gives such a natural finish to the face and sets the product so well on the skin. Sponges can be used for base makeup. There is no substitute for a sponge for long-lasting makeup and a flawless finish.

Descriptions About Some Popular Sponge and Applicators Are Given Below

Beauty Blend Sponge

This sponge gives your foundation a flawless finish and is so easy to use that even beginners with make-up can use it to create a professional finish base. This sponge is a superstar in the case of liquid make-up as it is very compact and does not waste product. You can try using Miracle Complex Sponge of Beauty Blender and Real Technique.

Everything that can be used with it – Liquid Foundation, Cream Foundation, Concealer and 

Liquid blush.



  • To make a very heavy foundation lightweight
  • To get a smooth, flawless makeup base
  • To reduce product waste
  • Its sharp corners can also deliver the product perfectly to complex parts of the face.

Cotton Powder Puff

The cotton powder puff is usually used for easy application of loose powder. This puff covers a large part of the face in a short time. This sponge made of organic cotton fiber is very soft and supple. So it is quite good for sensitive skin. Its price is quite low and easily available in the market.

Everything that can be used with it – Loose powder.


  • Loose powder can be applied to a large part of the face in a very short time.
  • Best for owners of sensitive skin.
  • The puff can be used for many days.

Compact Powder Puff

Almost all the compacts in the market come with this secret weapon. It is spherical and is used for compact applications. It is important to wash and clean it regularly, otherwise, problems like acne can occur on the face.

Everything that can be used with it – Pressed powder and Loose powder.


  • This puff gives a matte finish to the skin.
  • There is control over the application.
  • It even gives coverage.
  • Makeup lasts.

Cosmetic Sponge

The cosmetic sponge can be used for any makeup such as cream, liquid pancakes. And it is also easily available in cosmetic shops.

Everything that can be used with it –

Cream, Liquid Pancake Foundation, and Powder products.


  • The wedge can be used in both dry and wet applications.
  • Access to the sponge product absorbs the liquid.
  • Full coverage is best for base makeup.
  • Makeup cake does not take even after layering.

Cosmetic Wedges

This wedge-shaped sponge makeup is quite popular among artists for creating full coverage base makeup. It is made of latex. It’s cut and shape can convey heavy foundation to all parts of the face.

Everything that can be used with it – Liquid, Cream Foundation, Illuminator. It can cover dark circles with concealer.



  • Wedge sponges absorb very little product, cost-effective.
  • The wedge can be used anywhere on the face.
  • May offer flower coverage.

Contouring Sponge

There is no comparison as the product reaches the hardest part of the face and contours it to cover the various flaws of the look and features. These sponges are usually pear-shaped or egg-shaped.

Everything that can be used with it – Highlighter, Bronzer, both liquid, and cream products can be used. 


  • Darker shades of bronzer can be lightened.
  • The product can be blended in a very short time.

Cellulose Cleansing Sponge

Many people nowadays use cellulose sponges to clean or scrub their skin. Made from natural tree fibers, this sponge gently removes dead skin cells. This sponge can be used in two ways. It has no pair to lift heavy make-up and clean the skin from the inside.


  • Able to remove heavy makeup easily.
  • Keeps the inside of the pores clean.
  • Works as a perfect scrub for sensitive skin.

Method of Cleaning Makeup Sponge

At first, soak the makeup sponge well in water. If you want you can use light hot water. Now pour a few drops of brush cleaner or baby shampoo on top of the sponge. You can also use a hand wash if you want. Now keep rubbing lightly and remove the foam. Now rinse well with clean water, to clean thoroughly. Sometimes, the makeup sponge stains don’t want to appear. 

Then, after soaking the sponge, lightly massage olive oil on the spot and then clean it with brush cleaner or baby shampoo. This will remove the stain. After cleaning the makeup sponge, soak up the excess water with a towel and place it on a towel or tissue in a well-ventilated place to dry. Keep it clean after blending cream products with makeup sponge every time. And if you apply powder product, you have to clean it 2/1 times a week.

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