Best Makeup Blush Palette for Different Shape Face in BD

Blush Powder in BD
Blush Powder in BD

Everyone has a different face shape. One has to apply blush on the shape of each face separately. First, you have to select the part of the blush. The place to look like an apple on the cheek is the most common part of applying blush. 

Moreover, if you give the apple part blush on the cheek, it looks very natural. The part that swells when you smile is the apple part. You notice your chick sister. 

Chick’s sister has an apple part, its lower part is for contouring. The shape of the face can be brought beautiful if the blush and contouring are done properly. 

The make-up base is also beautiful. There are more than 5 types of facial features. Apply a little blush on the apple part and blend well from the bottom to the top of the ear.

Before giving blush makeup, you have to choose a good quality blush brush. With a powder blush on the brush, wipe off the extras. Take the brush according to the shape of the face. Never take a small brush from the shape of the face. This will not give the correct shape of the face.

Looking in the mirror, give a smile. The apple part of the mouth will appear. Then take a blush with a brush and blend well from the lip part to the cheek side hair part. Remember that blush never goes up to the lips. Do it only the apple part.

The color of the blush on will also change based on the color of the skin. In the case of fair skin, a little light color is better. Because blush on is usually used to bring a little natural look to the outfit.

So in this case a little lighter color is better for fair skin. After applying makeup with a blush on the brush, apply blush on your cheeks, and mix well with the face.

The Common Face Shapes

Oval: Those who have an oval-shaped face, their forehead is larger than the jawline, and the face length is larger than the width of the cheekbones. The angle of the jaw is mostly rounded-shaped.

Round: Those who have a round-shaped face, they are quite lucky because all the measurements of their face are equal. Their face has gently rounded corners.

Diamond: If somebody has a pointed chin and high cheekbones with a narrower hairline, he or she has a heart-shaped face.

Square: If one has a square-shaped face, the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and the jaw will all nearly be the same.

Heart: If one has a heart-shaped face, the forehead is the widest part of one’s face. His or her chin will also be pointed out. Also, he or she may have a widow’s peak at the hairline.

Long: Who has a long or oblong-shaped face, the face length is longer. Their forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are similar in size. 

Using The Blush According To The Face Shape

Oblong-Shaped Face

This shape is partly like the shape of a square face. The blush should be applied like a square-shaped face but it should not go to the bottom of the nose in any way.

Oval-Shaped Face

The oval shape of the face can be the most beautiful make-up base. Blushes can be given in many ways in the face of this structure. You can apply blush on the apples of the face and blush from the apples to the ears with a brush. Remember to go from the mouth to the side of the ear, not from the side of the ear to the face. The blush can be blended from the apple to the angle to below the cheek. This will make the round face look a bit longer.

Round-Shaped Face

The round shape of the face is as long as it is wide. So the apple part of the mouth is also very big. Apply blush on the apple part by pressing the shape of the face a little. Apply the blush with the nose part of the apple part at the angle of V and the whole part of the side of the cheek. Apply blush on the chin to bring more effect.

Heart-Shaped Face

The forehead is large in heart shape, and the apple part is high. The cheeks of this shape are very crooked. Apply blush on the apple part in V shape, lengthen the blush on the eyebrows and apply from the cheek. This will make the big forehead look a little smaller. The whole face will balance with the forehead.

Square Shaped Face

A square shape that is equal to the forehead, cheeks, and chin. It is very easy to apply blush on such a face. Apply blush on the apple part along the middle part of the eye and blend it up to the part of the face where there is hair. Apply blush on the forehead and under the chin to soften the look of the face.

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