Best Eyebrow Enhancer Price in Bangladesh

Every girl wishes for a perfect eyebrow. For this, they use various products. An effective product is an eyebrow enhancer. The eyebrow enhancer is a cosmetic product that is used to enhance the eyebrows. Many people have fewer eyebrows, they use eyebrow enhancer to grow more eyebrows. There are many kinds of eyebrow enhancers are available. It can be an eyebrow enhancer serum, pressed powders or pencils, and many more. Each of the product’s application processes is different from each other. 


A good idea for applying an eyebrow enhancer is to use a brow brush to comb all the hairs of the brow, then lightly fill in the empty spaces. It should begin at the highest point on the top of the brow and move down and outward. It is important to choose a perfect color for the brow that closely matches the existing hair to avoid an extra dark or heavy brow.


Eyebrow enhancer products have a variety of formulations and colors. Perhaps the most widely used product is the brow pencil. It looks like a usual eyeliner but it has a harder consistency for lighter applications. The pencil should be brushed lightly over the existing hairs. Those who have light-colored or thin brows, for them this eyebrow pencil will be more useful as it creates depth and definition.


The other useful type of eyebrow enhancer is a powder, both pressed or loose powders. These powders are applied with a brush. A small angled shaped brush works the best. Sometimes, the loose powder can be messier and may go on heavier. Powders are usually best for those who have thicker brows. Using a wet brush with the pressed or loose powder can give a thicker brow.


Some people can’t use pencils or loose powders. So an eyebrow gel is the best choice for them. The eyebrow gel is transparent. It just sets the brow like a mascara. The gel can be lightly brushed onto the eyebrows to set them. Thus the brows are being set with this gel.


The detailed description of these eyebrow enhancers are given below- 

Eyebrow Pencil

A poorly shaped brow can be easily fixed with an eyebrow pencil. Generally brown and black-these two-colored eyebrow pencils are available in the market. The brown color is perfect who has bright skin and black color suits whose skin color is a bit darker.

How to apply: With the help of the pencil, the empty or light spaces of the brow should be drawn to fill it properly so that it can give a perfect eyebrow. 

Powdered Eyebrow

Powdered brow powder can give a smooth and more youthful look. The way of using the eyebrow powder is the same as the eyeshadow powder. 

How to apply: An angled brush will be best to apply a powered eyebrow. This will make a smooth application. The brush tip should follow the outline of the brows. 


A pomade is a good option to shape the eyebrows. Generally, pomades are made of wax. 

How to apply: It can be applied as following the same procedure to apply the powdered brush. A brush should be deep in the pomade and should swipe it to remove the excess. 


eyebrow tints are available as temporary solutions in the form of a pen.

A brow tint has to draw on the brow.

How to apply: The tints are highly pigmented. It has to use as a pen. It should be only applied to the brow hairs. Excess use of this tint will look bad.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow gel can be used to enhance the eyebrow. Choosing a gel one shade lighter than one’s hair color can give a perfect eyebrow. But applying too much can age the face. 

How to apply: The gel should be taken a little amount and apply on the brow lightly. Then the brows should comb up and out toward the hairline. 


Here is some effective process to enhance the eyebrows. So anyone can follow them according to their eyebrow. 

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