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White Spa Body Lotion 200ml

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Whitening Body Lotion - 200ml

  • Product Type: Lotion
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Refreshing and moisturizing
  • Smooth and soft skin
  • No side effect
  • For all skin types

In addition, lotion works as skin lightening and makes skin white, red pomegranate whitening lotion also contains sunscreen to protect skin from sunlight. The sun so you do not have to worry about going out in the blazing sun. Currently, red pomegranate whitening lotion has been used by many young people in different countries. Red pomegranate whitening lotion provides protection, care and a solution for those who crave the smooth white skin. High activity is no longer a barrier for your skin. You will stay beautiful and fresh every day with red pomegranate whitening lotion.


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