Hair Care Serum Online in Bangladesh

Rough, dry hair and frizzy hair – it seems like a nightmare to everyone! But sadly, many of us have this problem that no matter how much oil you apply to your hair, no matter which shampoo you use, it dries out like a balloon! And the best solution for this is to use hair serum. Browse our online site now for hair serum and shop conveniently.

How Is The Hair Serum

Hair is one of the most popular hair care products, although the term hair serum is probably new to many people. Hair serum is a liquid substance made up of silicone-based ingredients, amino acids and ceramides included. It is best to provide a protective layer over the hair fibre which  assists in smoothing frizz hair. After applying serum the smooth layer then reflects the light also gives your hair a shiny, not greasy, finish. 

hair serum price in bangladesh
hair serum price in bangladesh

Hair Serum for Hair Care

Hair serum is commonly used for frizzy and curly hair but there is no pair to straighten straight hair. Many weather like cold weather, sun, heated styling tools and the use of various chemical ingredients in the hair can cause the hair to become dry. The silicone content in the hair serum works as a mask on the scalp and brings about structural changes in the hair.

Advantages of Using Hair Serum

Hair serum keeps oily scalp dry and protects hair from dandruff and fungal infections. Usually, hair serum makes dull hair shiny and healthy also brings shine to hair. Hair styling means if you use it before straightening, curling or blow drying, this serum will protect your hair from over heat. Due to its non-sticky nature, hair serum protects the hair from dust and harmful rays of the sun.

If your hair gets tangled frequently, using hair serum will solve your problem instantly. In some cases the serum makes the hair too dry which is not good for the health of the hair. If this happens, then contact a doctor for advice and recommendation immediately. But the most advantage of using Hair serum is it protects hair from drying out.

Hair Serum Usage Rules and Some Steps

Although applying hair serum is quite easy, there is a technique to apply hair serum. To use hair serum you need to follow certain steps. First of all, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Then take a small amount of serum on the palm of your hand and apply it gently on the surface of wet hair. No need to apply at the base of the hair. Now wait for the hair to dry. It does not need to be washed later. And you are ready with shiny hair.

How do you know which hair serum is suitable for dry hair

Hair serum should be selected that contains argan oil. It will not only tangle the hair, it will also provide nutrition to the hair. Use hair serum rich in natural oils. Use a product that contains castor oil or rosemary oil. This will not only smooth the hair, but also maintain the moisture of the hair.

If a hair serum contains jojoba oil or lavender oil, you can also use that product. This will protect the hair from the harmful rays of the sun. If you have dyed hair or any other chemical treatment, use a product with coconut oil or green tea.

Best Hair Care of Hair Serum In Bangladesh

There are different types of serums available in the market but organic and silicone based hair serums are the most popular among them. Let’s know about the use of some hair serums that are available in Bangladesh for hair care!

There are lots of packaged hair serums on the market, but not all of them are suitable for all hair types. Some products may work for dry hair, while others may be good for other types of rough hair. How do you know which serum is best for your dry hair This is why some of the best hair serum is given below.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Hair Serum which makes the hair non- sticky but gives the lifeless hair bright and manageable. This lightweight serum will easily penetrate the inside of your hair. Always apply serum on wet hair. It will spread well on all hair.

Livon Hair Serum is the best and popular hair serum makes the hair manageable and free of curls. Hair breakage is greatly reduced and the hair will be tangled. This serum also provides solutions to many common hair problems.

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