Cheap Price Makeup Brush Set Online in Bangladesh

Cheap Price Makeup Brush Set Online in Bangladesh
Cheap Price Makeup Brush Set Online in Bangladesh

Makeup brushes are used to do a perfect look that helps to do proper make-up so that one can face the day with full confidence. To get a flawless makeover, one should have a collection of make-up brush sets. Moreover, one should know the proper use of make-up brushes. If one wants to graduate from amateur to pro in the beauty world, she needs to arm herself with the right knowledge to use all the make-up brushes properly.

Types Of Brushes

There are many types of brushes available in the market. The most common brushes are for eye make-up and face make-up. There are some other brushes also available like- lip brushes, brow brushes, and more.  

Powder Brush

With it you can apply loose powder on the under-eye area so that the shadow dust during eye makeup does not ruin your beige makeup, you can remove the excess powder later. Using it, you can set the makeup with face powder or loose powder of your choice.

Flat Foundation Brush

With this, you can easily apply the Cream Formulated Foundation or Liquid Foundation on your face. Proper use of the brush will give you a flawless, airbrushed look. So, this brush is essential for smooth beige makeup.

For perfect makeup coverage, using a flat top foundation brush is essential. A flat-top foundation brush is good for applying liquid makeup. It makes the application and easier and quicker. It gives an airbrushed look. The flat-top makeup brush should also be used when applying sheer powders and blushes too.

Applying liquid makeups with a flat top foundation brush and should apply concealers, blushes, and highlighters one by one. A flat-top foundation brush is also used for applying loose powder to lock the foundation and concealer for a long-lasting look.

Liquid foundation is a little bit tough product to apply in the face. So applying liquid foundation with a flat top brush is a good solution to blend the foundation properly. 

At first, a small amount of a liquid foundation should be taken and dabbed on the back of one’s hand. You can also use a palette for this. But using your hand is recommended by the experts because it warms the foundation, blends in with the skin’s natural oils. It also gives the bristles resistance and doesn’t push the product up into the bristles. After that, the brush should be dipped into the foundation. A perfect flat top foundation brush is densely packed, soft-bristled, antibacterial, and synthetic. The brushes are completely cruelty-free. the brush should be dipped for a few times with a quick, yet soft, dabbing like motion. Lastly, the brush should be applied in the face thoroughly and gently until it is fully mixed with the skin.

Flat Kabuki Brush

A flat kabuki brush works as a foundation blender and base makeup blender for a perfect finish. It is designed using densely packed bristles. A flat kabuki brush is ideal for smoothing liquid foundation, loose powder, powder foundation, and cream-based products onto the skin.

A flat kabuki brush removes the extra foundations from the face and blends them perfectly to create a gorgeous and matte makeover.

Round Kabuki Brush

The round kabuki brush is perfect for applying powder, blush, or as a skin-finisher to seamlessly blend the base products for a polished and hyper-real makeup.

A round kabuki brush is used to apply loose powder type makeup like blush, foundation, face powder, etc on the large surfaces of the face. The brush blends powdered makeup evenly on the skin and creates a very natural-looking coverage. It is designed for this purpose.

Stippling Brush

The fibers of a stippled brush are of two distinct lengths. The bulk of the brush is full fibered and also tightly packed with longer fibers interspersed. Primer, foundation, and blush can be used together with this brush. Stippling brushes are great for layering different levels of make-up. 

To use this brush, take the foundation on the back of your hand, carefully dip the brush into the product, and stipple onto the face. It has to done gradually and the process can be repeated twice or thrice. 

Small Concealer Brush

With this small concealer brush, concealer can be applied for hiding the dark circle in eyelid and under eye area and for eyebrow define. With the help of this brush, acne scars, pigmentation, or imperfection on the face can be easily covered with a little concealer. Many times when you apply eyeliner or lipstick, it spreads, fixing it with a small concealer brush solves your problem.

Contour Brush

Contouring is a makeup application skill which is a little bit tough. Like it is not so easy as applying lipstick. So one has to make a lot of practice to fix and control it. To get a contoured look, one has to choose her dark contour color to make shadows. After applying the contour lines in the definite area, the contour brush should be used to blend the lines. 

The Blending Sponge

Generally, the make-up sponge is used to blend the foundation and putting blush-on on the face during make-up. The primer can be applied by using this sponge also. Using the blender can give a perfect base of make-up. To use the blender with liquid foundation, gently dab the sponge into the makeup product. After that, apply the product to the face using it in soft dabbing motions. 

Blush Brush

The blush brush is mainly using for applying blush-on perfectly in the face. A blush-on can give one a doll look. To use this blush, one should take blush-on through the brush and should apply lightly on the apple areas of the cheek. Also, a little bit can be applied in the chin area. If the color is looking more pinkish or more reddish, the extra blush-on should be wiped off.

Flat Powder Brush

The flat powder brush sweeps extra powders from the face while highlighting the other features beautifully. The soft, synthetic, broad, and mineral-grabbing bristles are designed for dusting on a smooth application of powder. It leaves with a flawless finish each time.

Eye Shadow Brushes

Small Blending Brush

This blending brush is best for perfect eye makeup because with it you can define the cut-chris eye look or bring a smoky look by smudging the outer corners. There are many variations in eye makeup now, such as the use of different vibrant colors, soft glam look, dramatic look, and much more. With a small blending brush, different eye looks can be created easily.

Angled Eyebrow Brush

You can easily draw eyebrows using eyebrow powder or eyebrow gel with this angled brush. When going out, every day a lot of time is wasted to fix the eyebrows. With the angled eyebrow brush, an eyebrow can be easily drawn.

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

You can apply normal eye shadow with this brush. You can also apply the concealer on the eyelid for half cut crease using it. The use of eyeshadow is no longer limited to party makeup. Many use light and natural color shadows on a regular basis. This brush can be called a basic tool of eye makeup.

Eyeliner Brush

The perfect eyeliner gives one a trendy look. Nowadays, the cat-eyeliner is very famous fashion look that is running. To apply the eyeliner, first, it should be applied starting from the inner eye. Then the outer line should be drawn. gradually the width of the line has to increase and flicking out toward the ends. Thus, a perfect wing can be drawn. 

Ways To Clean The Make-up Brushes

At first, the bristles of the brush should be soaked in water. Then the bristles of the brush should be dipped lightly in olive oil once and then dipped in hand wash. Or a mild shampoo or face cleanser can be used. Make sure that the part of the brush that is attached to the handle does not soak in water. Just clean only the bristles. Do not rub too much while cleaning, as this may damage the brussels sprouts. Then wash the bristles of the brush well with water. Now place the brushes in a place with light air. It is better not to use it before it dries completely.

Make-up brushes can be used for many days if they are used with care. The brush sets should be cleaned after use. This is a must-do. Otherwise, germs will grow on the brushes. Using brush sets will give a gorgeous makeover, during parties, or just for everyday use.   

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