BIOAQUA Olive Shampoo

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BIOAQUA Olive Shampoo Price in Bangladesh

Natural Olive Hair Shampoo offers an innovative formula made with Natural ingredients and Olive Extract for normal, dry, or color treated hair. Natural Olive Hair Shampoo, leaves hair shiny, restored, and soft to the touch. Cleanses hair while adding benefits of antioxidants (Vitamin A & E and Polyphenols) to give hair strength, vitality, and luster. Packing : 400g /bottle Ingrediants : Olive extract Natural Olive hair mask is ideal for all hair types, cares for hair enriching it with nutrients, olive oil organically cultivated offers to your hair moisture, volume and elasticity. After shampooing apply to wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Ideal for frequent use. Contains: 500ml /bottle Ingredients : Olive extract.

bioaqua olive shampoo price in bd

চুল পড়া বন্ধ করতে, চুলের খুসকি দূর করতে ও লম্বা চুল পেতে চাইলে ইউজ করুন BIOAQUA Shampoo. Olive & Ginger ফ্লেভার থেকে বেচে নিন আপনার শ্যাম্পু। অর্ডার করতে এড্রেস ও মোবাইল নম্বর লিখে পেইজে মেসেজ দিন।
BIOAQUA Olive Shampoo.
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