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Cocogrm Nutrition Smooth Hair Mask

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  • Brand: Cocogrm
  • Type: Nutrition Smooth Hair Mask
  • Net Weight : 500gm
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Cocogrm Nutrition Smooth Hair Mask Price In Bangladesh


Benefits Of Cocogrm Nutrition Smooth Hair Mask :

  • Beautiful neat, silky hair.
  • This mask will make your hair neat, silky, tangled.
  • Apply like conditioner.
  • Best mask for those who have split ends, not smooth hair.
  • Rebonding hair can also be used.

How To Use Cocogrm Nutrition Smooth Hair Mask:

  • It can be used at the beginning of the hair.
  • Leave it on the hair for 30 minutes and shampoo it.
  • If you want this mask, you can use it after shampoo,
  • if you use it after shampoo, you can't apply it at the beginning.