Pink Lady Juice Version 9 – Thailand

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  • Pink lady New Version
  • Brand: Ayura
  • A large bottle contains 750 CC.
  • FDA 72-2-18447-2-0005.
  • Made in Thailand

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#Ayura Pinklady # 750 cc # Ayura # Pink Lady Juice Version 9 # # Ayura Pink Lady # Ayura #Pinklady # 750 cc Herbal drink, suitable for postmenopausal women who want to have healthy glowing skin. It helps to brighten the mood, relieve stressed people with acne caused by hormonal changes. Help to become a beautiful woman again.

  • FDA 72-2-18447-2-0005.
  • A large bottle contains 750 CC.

Herbal secret drink for women, a product for rejuvenating and looking after your body to firm and firm in all proportions. Helps to reduce menstrual cramps and allow regular menstruation to drive leucorrhea Bright, clear skin with details. Ayura Pinklady 750 cc Ayura Pink Lady Juice Version 9 750 cc is a combination of probiotics with various herbs such as uterine extract, laxative, noni (noni) blueberry and Other herbs.

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Features Ayura Pinklady 750 cc Ayura Pink Lady Juice Version 9  750 cc. Suitable for women. That wants to tighten the muscles of all parts Deodorize unwanted Women after childbirth Causing the uterus to enter the garage faster, reduce the abdomen, menstrual pain Menstrual irregularities, menstrual excretion, waste products in the body.

Ingredients of Ayura Pink Lady Juice Version 9 probiotics are good microbes. Stimulates the immune system to function normally efficiently Create useful substances Against the destruction of germs and noni virus, rich in nutrients Especially proceronine and procercerene enzymes Which helps repair damaged cells to return to normal work Helps to eliminate toxins, free radicals, the cause of degeneration of the body.

Key ingredient 25%, Blueberry juice 10%, Turmeric 10%,  Noni juice 10%, Brown sugar 10%, Krachai 5%, Black Krachai 5%, Honey 5 tablespoons) 3 times a day should drink on an empty stomach / get up in the morning / before lunch / before bed For a clear result, should be eaten daily for at least 3 months.

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How to reduce inflammation, maintain element, help the blood circulation system to normal. That draw the uterus to help resolve menstrual irregularities Relieve menstrual pain, drive amniotic fluid, tighten stomach Make the belly smooth Tighten the smell of the vagina. Hemorrhoids Strengthen the breasts to be firm and not sagging Firm and not wrinkled Turmeric, anti-inflammatory, upset stomach, wind, dizziness, cure leucorrhea, gonorrhea, blood poisoning, anti-cancer

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Apples are the most versatile of fruits for juicing as they blend well with nearly any fruit and vegetable while adding sweetness. Look for organic blemish-free apples with very firm flesh and tight skin.Pink Lady Juice Version 9 - Thailand 7

Apples are a good source of Vitamin A. They also contain Vitamins B and C as well as riboflavin and are high in two important phytochemicals: pectin and boron. Here are some benefits of apples:

  • Enzyme-Rich to Aid Digestion
  • Great Cleanser (detoxifies by eliminating free radicals and toxins)
  • Good source of Vitamin A & Amino Acids
  • Strengthens the Body
  • Great Energy Source (keeps blood sugar levels up)
  • Lowers Blood Cholesterol
  • Excellent Diuretic
  • Good Antiseptic
  • Excellent Laxative
  • Liver Support

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