Best Waterproof Eye Mascara Price Online in Bangladesh

Best Waterproof Eye Mascara Price Online in Bangladesh
Best Waterproof Eye Mascara Price Online in Bangladesh

Many people use face powder, kajal and light lipstick as well as mascara. And there is no question of heavy makeup. Kajal, foundation, face powder, lipstick, etc., more or less all women know how to use it, but many do not know the use of eye mascara. Mascara makes the eyelids thick and attractive if you know how to use them properly.

Eye Speaks The Adornment

This trend is going on in western makeup now. The outfit and adornment has changed a lot over time. In addition to festivals and invitations, fashion shows are also organized. Clothing or shoes — whatever the subject of the ramp, makeup is also drawing attention there. 

Because, the fashion-world is made up of several outfits out of the conventional style. The eye makeup is mainly discussed there. The color of the eyeshadow, the use of mascara will sometimes fascinate and sometimes push your eyes.

Mascara For Thick Eyelashes

Every girl wants a natural look so skip the eyeliner. Increase the amount of mascara. Retro heavy style eyelashes are back in fashion. The use of mascara has increased not only in the upper part, but also in the lower part to make the eyelashes look heavier. Which has further enhanced the beauty of the eyes.

Mascara Primer & Two Colour Mascara

In addition to mascara to make eyelashes look thicker and longer, mascara primer is now quite popular. There are different brands of mascara primers in the market. This primer must be applied before using mascara. Then you have to apply mascara. This makes the lashes look much thicker and longer.

Also use two color mascara. The two-color mascara application will make the eyelashes look thicker and longer. For this, first apply a mascara eyelash of dark brown color. When it dries, apply black colored mascara. However, try to apply the black color mascara on the front of the eyelashes.

Tips For Using Mascara for Different Shaped Eyes

For Big Eyes: Any kind of mascara can be adapted to big brown eyes. There is no need to use fake eyelashes in big eyes. Just give one coating mascara, give another coating when dry. It will also look beautiful.

Small Eyes: To make any kind of small eyes look big, you want the eyelashes to look long and beautiful. In that case false eyelashes are quite helpful. If the eyelids are small, apply false eyelashes. Then apply a coating mascara with a thin mascara brush. Make the area between the eye petals a little thicker, the brush must be thin.

If The Eyes Are Too Close: If the eyes are too close to the nose or if you have a pair of eyebrows, curl the petals with a curler before applying mascara. Especially towards the corner. Apply mascara with a brush so that the eye petals are bent towards the corners of the eyes. It will make the eyes look beautiful.

If The Eyes Are Too far Apart: If the distance between the nose and the eyes is too far, use a thick brush to apply mascara. Apply a thin coating on the eyelids then you will find closer looking eyes. 

Eyeshadow & Mascara Instead of Kajal Under The Eye 

You need to understand when to apply any eyeshadow. During the day, light pink, light brown and light brown eyeshadows will suit you very well. No need to smoke eyes during the day. You can blend any color eyeshadow with highlighter. If you want, you can apply eyeliner and waterproof mascara. That’s enough for the day.

Caution in Using Kajal, Eyeliner & Mascara to Decorate The Eyes

Try with your finger before applying eyeliner. If itching or redness, do not put it in the eyes. Irregular use can cause eyeliner or mascara to release water. Which can also lead to bacterial infections here. Before putting them in your eyes, put your fingers on them and wait to see if they are drying properly. It should not be used on the eyes unless it is dried properly on the fingers.

Use a fine brush of eyeliner. Eyeliner should never be applied to the line closest to the eye (where Kajal is given). Don’t take a liner inside the eyes. Care must be taken when using kajal or colored pencils. If you want to use a kajal or colored pencil on the lower part of the eye, use it carefully by pulling it a little with your finger. Kajal or pencil should not leave wood powder.

Do not use mascara too quickly. Use slowly and carefully, so as not to cause any eye problems and sticks on the eyes. Mascara should be applied step by step. Once one step is dry it will have to go to the next step.

How to Use Eye Mascara For Night Makeover

For night makeup, curl the eyelids with eyelash curler before applying mascara. Even before that, before using eyelash curler, you can apply nude or white kajal on the inner part under the eyes. The eyes will look bigger and fresher. If you want, you can blend Kajal and eyeshadow well without eyeliner on the eyes and bring a smoky feeling. Moreover, you can apply more waterproof mascara if you want.

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