Eye Enhancing False Eyelashes in Bangladesh

false eyelashes price in bangladesh
false eyelashes price in bangladesh

Many girls use fake eyelashes with gorgeous adornment. There is no pair of fake eyelashes to get a pair of magical eyes. Fake eyelashes instantly increase the appeal of your eyes a thousand times. Starting from fashion models, now stylish girls and even ordinary girls use eyelashes.

Eye Enhancing False Eyelashes

Eyelash is one of the eye makeup products to decorate the eyes. Eyelashes are usually applied loosely to the eyelids to make them look thicker. Those who have less eyelids use this eyelash. But now another purpose of using it is to decorate the eyes beautifully and for a gorgeous eye look. These loosely planted eyelids are called false eyelashes or eye extensions.

Eyelashes Cover A Large Part of The Eye Makeup

Eyelash is another beauty product of eye beauty. Many people use lash extensions to avoid the hassle of wearing eyelashes. Modern eye makeup covers a large part of the eyelashes. Those who are not accustomed to wearing eyelashes can do lash extensions to avoid trouble. There is no fear of any loss. If you have beautiful, thick, curly lashes, the eyes will become attractive.

Variety Of Eyelashes

There are lots of false eyelashes available for the fashionable ladies who adorn herself very well. Such as- Natural looking eyelashes, thick, wispy, dramatic style, before and after use, short type, mink and long, extra long, feather style, individual, big eyelashes, dark black colour, winged, realistic eyelashes etc. 

What Kind of Eyelashes And Types

Fake eyelashes are usually made for short periods of use. Some eyelashes are made of synthetic material but good quality eyelashes are made of human hair so there is no way to tell whether it is real or fake. Fake eyelashes are usually of two types, temporary and permanent eyelashes, which many also call eyelashes extensions.

Eyelash extensions are applied with relatively strong glue. Variations of different colors, lengths and thicknesses of the two types of eyelashes are available in the market.

The Use of Eyelashes to Decorate The Eyes

To be honest, it is really interesting for girls to dress up with makeup. Facial makeup is one of them. And when you look at the face, the eyes first go to someone’s eyes. One of the roles of eyelashes is to make your eyes look attractive in front of everyone.

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

It takes skill and patience to put fake eyelashes in the right way. You must apply fake eyelashes very softly and step by step. Soften the eye lace band and make a curved shape. If necessary, you can cut your eye size a little from the outside.

If you have eyelash curlers, heat it and curl the eyelashes a little. Hot water or a blow dryer can be used to heat the curler. Apply glue along the lace line very thinly and wait a few seconds. Gently apply the fake lashes along the eyelashes line of your eyes. Hold down until it is nicely set on the eyes.

Draw a line on the upper eyelid with liquid eyeliner of black, brown or dark gray color so that there is no gap between the real and fake eyelashes. Now apply mascara so that the fake eyelashes will blend nicely with the real eyelashes.

How to Remove False Eyelash From The Eyes

Caution is required when picking up fake eyelashes. First soften the glue using an oil free makeup remover. Then gently remove the fake eyelashes. After removing the eyelashes, gently remove the excess glue attached to your original eyelashes with tweezers. If there is any glue on the eyelids, apply oil free remover on the head of a cotton bud and remove it.

How to Thicken The Eyelids or Eyelashes

Many people choose mascara to make their eyelashes look bigger. If you don’t want to rely on thousands of beauty products to make your eyelashes look more attractive and bigger, then take care of your eyelashes and here are some effective tips to make your eyelashes look long.

Use primer on your lashes before using eye mascara. It will not only keep your lash healthy, it will last a long time after applying mascara. Also start using conditioner for eyelashes. It will keep your eyelashes good. Eyelashes volume will increase and length.

Many people’s eyelashes are straight. If it is slightly curved, the eyelashes look bigger and longer from a distance. If you have a curler at hand, you will get results with it. Lash Growth Serum is available in the market nowadays which contains some approved serums. If you want, you can also do a lash extension process.

The easiest way to make your eyelashes look bigger and longer with the right mascara. Mascaras that contain nylon or rayon fiber increase the length of the lash. Simultaneously with many mascara comes primer or conditioner as ingredients. Pick them and you can choose different colored mascara.

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