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If the skin is beautiful and wrinkle-free, it is the responsibility to understand the age. So back to the question of skin. Someone wants to know the type of skin, someone is looking for how to take care of it. But what many people don’t want to know is whether there is anything else to do after cleansing the skin. Because everyone assumes that maintaining cleanliness is the last word. After cleansing, there is a toning step, which many do not know and many do not believe or avoid.

Toning is very beneficial for wrinkled and sagging skin. Extra cleanliness ensures toning after skin cleansing. It also keeps the pH of the skin right. Toning maintains the vitality of the skin by removing excess oil, dead cells, dirt, makeup. Increases brightness by removing the tired look on the face. Increases blood circulation to the skin and prevents excess oil secretion.

Cleansing-toning-moisturizing, the first three steps to keep skin healthy. But most of them follow the rules of skin cleansing i.e. cleansing and moisturizing but most of them skip the middle step i.e. toning. And that’s where they made a big mistake. Because the key to healthy, smooth, and tight skin is hidden in the seemingly simple liquid like a toner. In addition to removing oil from deep inside the skin, regular use of toner can reduce the appearance of acne by shrinking the pores. So those who have oily skin or acne on their face need to use toner. 

It is not possible to completely remove the dust that is stuck in the depths of the face just by using facewash, and toner does this impossible task. Toner must be applied every time after washing the face to keep the skin extra oil-free and taut at the same time after washing the face.

Types of Toner

There are two types of toner available in the market – normal toner, this toner is very mild, and astringent toner, it is made with alcohol.

Astringent Toner VS. Normal Toner

There is no difference between astringent toner and normal toner. One of the two toners works to deep clean the skin. But the only difference is that the astringent toner contains alcohol, which is very effective for oily skin.

The Work of Astringent Toner

It is much more effective than normal toner. Since it contains alcohol, this toner has anti-bacterial properties. It balances the excess oil in the skin. So it is much better for oily skin. Since the astringent toner contains alcohol, it is better not to use astringent toner for girls with dry skin.

Alcohol makes the skin drier. The astringent toners contain a lot of chemicals, including salicylic acid. This toner eliminates any breakout, blackheads, facial acne. When you apply astringent toner on the face with acne, it burns a little. Applying astringent toner on any thorn on any part of the body gives immediate benefits. Moreover, this toner keeps the pH of the skin in balance and tightens the pores of the skin. It helps to eliminate facial wrinkles.

The Function of Normal Toner

Normal toner is much mild. The skin does not become dry after using normal toner. So this toner is best for those who have dry skin or have more wrinkles on their face.

Removes residual dirt, make-up, cleanser from the skin. The Normal toner can be used on all skin.

Benefits Of Using Toner

There are two main benefits to using facial toner. They are-

Tighten The Pore Size of The Face

If you apply toner every day, you will notice that your skin is 2 times brighter than normal and you will be free from break out.

Cleanses The Face Deeply

Even after washing the face well with face wash, make-up and dirt remain on the face a lot of the time. Toner to deep clean the face. This prevents dirt from accumulating in the hair follicles and relieves acne, any type of skin problem. Apply the toner on a cotton pad all over the face. After applying the toner, you will notice the remaining dirt on the cotton pad.

Toner According To The Skin

Usually, there are 4 types of human skin. Oily, normal, dry, and sensitive. Astringent toner is definitely good for oily skin. The astringent toner will balance the excess oil in the skin. The pores of the face will shrink. Since astringent toners contain retinol, glycolic, or benzoyl peroxide, it is wise not to use astringent toners on dry and sensitive skin. Because these ingredients make the skin drier.

Tips Before Using Toner

Some things to keep in mind before using toner-

  • The toner can be applied to the whole face with a cotton pad. These pads are available in the market at a price of 50-200 rupees.
  • Hands must be washed well before using toner on the face. Because almost all the infectious germs get into the skin by hand. Moreover, we use toner for deep cleansing of the face. So you have to use a toner with clean hands.
  • Remember that the toner must be given after washing the face and before washing the face. If you do not apply the cream after applying the toner, the skin may feel dry. Moreover, after applying toner, applying face cream increases the firming and radiance of the skin.


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