Best Moisturizer for Skin at Cheap Price in Bangladesh


Moisturizers are used in skin care. However, many people do not know what kind of moisturizer for which skin. And that’s what we’re going to tell you today. Moreover you can browse our website to get good quality moisturizer.

“Use Moisturizer Even in Warm Weather to Retain Skin Moisture”

No matter what face wash or cleanser you use to remove dirt from the skin, after a while the roughness of the skin returns, so moisturizing is very important to bring back the moisture of the skin. The idea of ​​applying moisturizer in hot weather should not be left out. 


Many people may not even think of applying cream on a hot day. But even in hot weather, the skin loses moisture. At this time, when the amount of water in the body decreases, the skin becomes dry. And so the use of moisturizer to retain skin moisture in the heat can not be forgotten.

Whose Skin Needs What Kind of Moisturizer?

In this case, you need to understand the skin type. But you can understand how your skin is. You need to understand whether your skin is oily or dry. If it is dry, a good moisturizer or night cream should be used regularly. In the case of face wash, those that make the skin more dry should be avoided.


And if the skin feels more oily, then of course you use cold cream. If you use an oily moisturizer, the oily feeling will increase more. It would be best to use these with an expert who understands the condition of your skin.

Different Types Of Moisturizer Usage According To The Body Parts

Moisturizer is one of the skin care protecting beauty products that does a lot of awesome things for our skin. Moisturizer includes some  healthy elements that rehydrate as well as moisture our body and facial skin looks and feels healthy. 


However, different types of moisturizer are included in different usages for our body. Such as- facial moisturizer is intended specifically for the rough or harsh conditions a face deals with on a daily basis, whereas our eye cream is intended for the thinner and more delicate skin around our eyes. 


Sometimes moisturizer creams have the differences for applying to the skin and work variedly as well. Facial and eye creams both creams are basically water-based so they do not clog your pores. On the other hand, Body lotions are oil-based so it can work on areas of our body that take more abuse (like your hands and feet).

Use Moisturizer In Hot Weather

Moisturizer should be applied after every face wash. Using moisturizer does not create any excess moisture in the skin, but it is better to apply moisturizer to avoid the adverse effects of alkaline substances. If you do not apply moisturizer after using facewash, the skin may become dry. 


It is necessary to apply moisturizer for skin care in summer. Not a heavy moisturizer like this in winter, but a light moisturizer is recommended to use in summer.

What Are The Best Ingredients in Oily Skin Moisturizer?

There are various types of moisturizers in the market. Choosing the perfect moisturizer for you is also a challenge. So it is a must to pay attention to the ingredients of the moisturizer. Because, it is necessary to know whether the ingredients with which the moisturizer is made are good for oily skin. This will help you to choose the perfect moisturizer. 


Glycolic acid as an ingredient is called the ‘powerhouse’ of oily skin. Being in a moisturizer reduces the production of excess oil on the skin, prevents pores from closing and protects the skin from breakouts. Another ingredient is ‘Hyaluronic acid’ that works quite well for oily skin. It is quite lightweight. Having it in moisturizer controls the oil control of the skin as well as prevents pores from closing, making the skin soft and smooth.


Dimethicone ingredients also work simultaneously with oil control and moisturizing. It controls the extra shine of the skin. These ingredients in moisturizers are great for those with oily skin. Also lactic acid, salicylic acid etc. are very good for oily skin. But keep in mind a few more things. Many people with oily skin have acne. And so taking care of this skin is not an easy task.

Regular Use of Homemade Moisturizer at Home

Mix equal amounts of rose water and glycerin. You can use it as a moisturizer. If the skin is dry in nature, you can add a little olive oil to it. You can also add honey if you want. Honey will act as a moisturizer. 


After applying it on the face, it should be washed off. If the skin is extra dry, you can clean the skin with milk cream and honey instead of cleanser. Milk cream and honey help to retain skin moisture.


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