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Highlighter is an essential component of a makeup kit. According to the structure of the face, where there is more light naturally, the face is made brighter and brighter with the highlighter. The perfect use of highlighter enhances the beauty of the outfit several times.

Makeup lovers, who wear makeup on a regular basis knows how important it is to have a highlighter in a makeup kit. The highlighter completes the makeover perfectly. Depending on the structure of one’s face, where there is naturally more light, the touch of the highlighter naturally makes the face brighter. The perfect use of highlighter can make the face look even sharper.

Rules For Using Highlighter

At first, the primer should be applied to the skin before using the foundation. After applying the foundation, use a cheek brush and bronzer if necessary. Then a small amount of highlighter has to apply from the top of the cheekbones along the middle of the cheeks. This will give a sharp look. Now mix the highlighter well with the skin. Then it will not look like a line anymore.

Places To Apply The Highlighter

If the highlighter can be used properly in the face, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. As a result, the face becomes brighter. Below is where the highlighter will look appropriate when used:

Below The Eyebrow Bone

Below the eyebrow bone, the folds of the upper eyelid touch the highlighter to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Start blending from the bottom of the eyebrow arch to the outside, pulling until the end of the eyebrow.

Above The Cheekbones

The ideal place to apply highlighter on the cheekbones or cheekbones. If you don’t know exactly where to put the highlighter on the cheekbone, draw an invisible line from the middle of the ear to the edge of the lip. Now apply highlighter on top of this line and just below the outer corner of the eye. Blend upward strokes on the outside. You can also use a fan brush to lightly apply the highlighter.

Above The Noseline

Applying a vertical highlighter along the nose makes the structure of the nose look sharper. Blend by drawing a line of highlighter on the nose. If you want a matte finish, you have to blend two or three shades lighter than the skin color along the bridge of the nose.

In The Inner Corner Of The Eye

If you do not sleep well at night, your eyes look tired in the morning. To reduce fatigue, dab a little highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. You can apply highlighter in the middle of the eyelid to blend to bring extra shine. The eyes will look bright in the blink of an eye.

In The Middle of The Forehead

The touch of a little highlighter right in the middle of the forehead works like magic to bring the perfect finish to the face. If you don’t want a very shimmery finish, you can also highlight the forehead with two shades of lighter than the skin color. You can also apply a lot of lace highlighter touches under the eyebrows, in the corners of the eyes, and even on the eyebrows.

Perfect Highlighter

If the highlighter is properly applied, the face will look perfect and glowing. However, if you want to apply highlighter perfectly, you have to practice for some time first. You also need to know the color and type of skin.


There are different types of highlighter, such as cream, liquid, and powder highlighter. Choose a highlighter that suits your skin and gives you the desired results. For example, if you want to make your face look shiny, use a cream or liquid highlighter. And if you want to bring a light glow, use a powder highlighter.

Also, buy highlighter according to skin type. For those whose skin is extra oily, it is better to use a powder highlighter. This is because using a cream highlighter on oily skin makes the skin look more oily. And those whose skin is dry they use a cream highlighter. There are different color highlighters, such as light pink, golden, and silver shimmery highlighters.

You can choose the color according to your choice. However, pink or pink-toned highlighter is more suitable for fair skin and golden color highlighter is very good for medium skin tone.


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