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RS Ayurved Fairlook Lotion

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  • Brand: Fair Look
  • 200gm

1,850৳  2,550৳ 

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Share with Your 20 Friends and Get 5% Extra Discount

Vedvia Ayurved Fairlook Lotion Price in Bangladesh

Fair look Lotion is an Ayurvedic formulation with ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel and Turmeric which are a perfect combination to give a clean and clear texture. It lightens and brightens the skin while taking care of skin related problems.

It can be used by men, women & teens.

Fair Look Ayurvedic Lotion is formulated to lighten your dark spots and whiten your skin while nourishing it. Fair look helps to nurture and moisturize skin and help to reduce all flaws in your skin.

It is useful to eradicate pimple marks, skin inflammation, sun-tan, limit scars, flaws, pigmentation, and, keeping up a light composition and an emanating sparkle on your skin.

How does it work

Daily exposure to pollution and UV rays leads to skin damage, uneven skin tone and darkening of spots. This lotion is the best ayurvedic lotion which helps to heal those damaged skin cells.

The perfectly balanced mix of all necessary Ayurvedic herbs of Fair Look, the lotion helps heal skin. Along with it, Fair Look has Aloe Vera which also brings back skin’s healthy radiance. Sandalwood/Chandan further protect your skin from skin damage. Use every day twice to help heal skin and make it more fair, bright and spots free.